Professional kitchen at home: 7 signs

What techniques should be borrowed from restaurant cuisine in order to comfortably cook at home?

1. Ergonomic Layout

Chefs in the kitchen should be comfortable moving quickly without colliding with each other, even if heavy dishes are in their hands. The principle should be applied at home: provide enough space in the aisles and around the work area. Distances should not be too large so as not to make unnecessary movements between the refrigerator, sink, and stove. A comfortable countertop is required: if it is not possible to plan a wide table top or an island, a converted window sill or a folding table can fulfill this role.

2. Everything at your fingertips

Modern factories offer furniture with thoughtful storage systems. Drawers with closers, narrow pull out shelves and corner sections will make it possible to use every centimeter and quickly get the necessary products and utensils. Push-open doors are easy to open even with dirty hands. And it makes sense to keep the most popular items in plain sight, on open shelves.

3. Bright lighting

An abundance of light is necessary: ​​it is more comfortable to cook, and it is safer when working with sharp objects. In addition to central lighting, it is worth providing local lighting: separate lighting for the working area and sink, as well as internal lighting in cabinets.

4. Equipped sink

A deep and spacious sink will allow you to wash not only plates but also large dishes – pots, pans, and baking pans. A sink with two sections is even more practical: useful for preparing food, separating dirty dishes from clean ones, rinsing, etc. The sink will be complemented by a tall faucet with a long flexible hose. With it, it is easy to wash the sink or fill tall containers with water.

5. Easy cleaning

Cleanliness is one of the main requirements in a restaurant kitchen. At home, it is no less important. A worktop with a smooth surface without joints will be easier to clean from dirt, and under hanging cabinets – to wipe the dust. The trash can should be located near the work area. A practical option is under a specially provided hole in the countertop, as is the case in restaurant kitchens, to brush off scraps of food in one motion.

6. Clean air

A high-quality hood will allow you to turn the kitchen from a “hot shop” with an abundance of smells and steam into a comfortable room. Modern models are not only functional but also able to become an expressive element of the interior.

7. Complete set

Any restaurant is equipped with all the necessary utensils for preparing a variety of dishes. Made of durable and safe materials, primarily stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron, it should provide uniform heating, be easy to clean and fit comfortably in the hand.

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