Sofa trends to look out for in 2023 and how to choose

Give a modern character to a space or set a trendy tone for a palette of shades: The trendy sofa of 2023 will be the main design decision in the interior of an apartment or house. While quality and durability remain undisputed parameters for choosing upholstered furniture, the annual trend reviews continue to amaze us. From quirky textures to the ultimate in customization, designers strive to add flair and personality to familiar shapes and silhouettes.

We tell you which sofas are in trend in 2023 and how to protect yourself from buying an outdated model. 

1. Textured Upholstery

As for the most versatile feature of designer sofas 2023, the fashion trends of recent years show that the most trendy models are made with textured upholstery. As opposed to classic velour, more textured fabrics bring life to a space. This effect is achieved by the popular aesthetics of wabi-sabi and japandi – natural layering and unusual tactile sensations.

What upholstery to choose for a trendy sofa in 2023?

Texture matting. The embossed surface is easily recognizable by the checkerboard weaving of threads in the texture of upholstered furniture.

Velvety chenille. Light melange adds a trendy French touch to any contemporary sofa. Restrained shades in the palette emphasize the visual volume created with the help of fluffy thread in the composition.

Natural leather. The smooth texture draws the eye with authentic embossing and embossing with a slight sheen. The interior with a leather sofa instantly immerses you in an atmosphere of luxury and impeccable style.

Boucle fabric. The trend for textured yarn from small knots has been pleasing to the eye for more than a year. Soft-touch textures in the upholstery of stylish sofas 2023 will not only help bring a fashionable touch to the space but also serve as a source of comfort and relaxation.

2. Modular designs

The new sofa models 2023 are easily adaptable to any changes in space. Trends for open planning and functional zoning continue to alternate in turn. Now modern sofas should have enough flexibility to transform the interior to new fashion trends and our own needs. The long-awaited freedom for rearrangement or complete repair will be given by modular systems.

Why are modular sofas in vogue now?

  • Variability. The configuration of the modular sofa can be chosen according to your layout. Straight, angled, open, with ottomans or with coffee tables: a variety of functional content will allow you to make the most of the space. Location options – along the perimeter, L- or U-shaped.
  • Ergonomics. Despite the fact that the modular sofa can accommodate 6 or more people, the island composition retains freedom of movement and provides convenient navigation to other pieces of furniture.
  • Minimalistic design. Regardless of the placement of the modules, the space will still look visually light and uncluttered.

3. Natural shades

When choosing a sofa color in 2023, give preference to shades that are close to nature. Despite the fact that light, pastel colors still fit harmoniously into the interior of the living room, designers and residents of modern homes are increasingly willing to experiment with color. The ubiquitous gray and beige are being replaced by new neutral shades, more complex and deep.

What natural colors of sofas are in fashion?

  • The most trendy color of the season will be green. For sofa upholstery, choose the most muted and calm shades of this tone. For example, grassy, ​​olive, or pistachio.

No less popular will be shades of blue. To create a soothing atmosphere in the interior, warm tones with a gray tint will help, and luxurious – darker variations, such as sapphire or cobalt.

We also recommend that you look at the color of warm autumn or the palette of “spicy honey”. From sandy to amber, upholstered furniture in warming shades of brown will make the interior cozy.

4. Open, streamlined shapes

Complex cuts and sharp corners do not suit the sofa of 2023 – the trends of recent years show the design aspirations for freer forms and smooth lines. In addition to the fashion of the 60s and 70s, brands are inspired by the modern perception of the home as a place of power. To create a comfortable space, less strict, dynamic silhouettes of upholstered furniture are needed. Hence the popularity of sofas with graceful curves and open elements that help achieve the desired visual lightness and soft minimalism.

If you need a more non-standard option, we recommend that you take a closer look at the soft rectangular modules – with an open edge, without an armrest, or with a coffee table/pouffe in the middle.

5. Anatomically comfortable fit

No matter how fashionable the design of the model you like is, convenience remains one of the most important factors when buying new furniture. Sofa trends in 2023 are taking comfort to the extreme, with designers increasingly opting for thin frames with plump backs and seat cushions.

6. Functional Design

Modern sofas for the living room in 2023 are distinguished by a stylish and ergonomic design. A few years ago, models with a folding back looked inconspicuous – complex shapes, bulky dimensions, and excessive decor. The buyer was faced with a difficult choice: a sofa that will look good in the interior, or one that can be easily expanded into a bed? Design structures that simultaneously satisfy two needs – aesthetic and practical – helped to resolve the issue once and for all.

7. Accent Upholstery

The ubiquity of using neutral, basic shades for interior decoration does not exclude the choice of more rich, saturated shades for upholstery of upholstered furniture. A bright sofa in the living room 2023 will add character and dynamism to the space. If earlier accents were placed with the help of decor, now the main focus is on finishing the most dimensional elements in the room. They effectively transform the interior – not only functionally, but also visually.

How to choose a trendy bright color for a sofa in 2023?

  • Pick a color that won’t create a strong contrast with the overall color palette used in the room. Let it be a shade close in tone, but more saturated.
  • Make sure that a sofa in bright upholstery does not look lonely. To keep its color in harmony with the space, support it with decor – wall or textile.
  • Take a closer look at the colors that can be found on the counter with spices: such shades can be attributed to a warm range with brown and pink tones. Or carmine red, Pantone’s color of the year.
  • You can take two complementary colors – one for a fashionable sofa, the second for a designer chair.

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