House for a celebrity couple designed by Pete Kennon

This four-bedroom home was designed by architect Pete Kennon of Melbourne’s Kennon+ for a young and quirky family. The building seamlessly combines a quaint Victorian cottage with a modern home, with minimalist grace and formal austerity.

The house became a family home for a socialite couple – famous stylist Joey Scandizzo, his wife Jane, and their three sons. For six years in a row, Joey Scandizzo has been a finalist in the Hair Expo Awards. It is the oldest hairdressing competition in Australia and New Zealand, and Joey Scandizzo became the youngest winner in its twenty-seven-year history. When Joey left school at the age of fifteen, who would have thought that he would become a top stylist, one of those on whom the future of the Australian hairdressing industry depends? But love for the profession and twenty years of career brought amazing results.

In 2018, he received the title “Hairdresser of the Year” and continued to work as creative director of the cosmetics brand Eleven Australia. Joey is also a partner and co-founder of two dry bars HAIR.DO by Joey Scandizzo – in Melbourne and Sydney, he has 6 barbershops Kings Domain and UVA Salon in Melbourne. He remains the host of a fashion TV show that is still watched throughout Australia.

“I love my job; I love it when people look and feel beautiful. But my main interest is helping the new generation develop,” Scandizzo says in an interview with Hair’s How. I try my best to be a role model for the young hairdressers on my team.

I love thick bangs and hairstyles that emphasize shape and structure, but keep everything looking effortless and natural. No artificiality, nothing complicated! Coloring is soft and natural. Loose, vibrant hair, natural texture. Balayage and bed hair are finally a thing of the past; women want to look well-groomed and elegant. Today women want to be themselves, not “appear.” If you are a busy person, then I would recommend a long bob. It is now in trend, and if you make elongated layers, then with styling your hair will look natural and alive even without a hair dryer. Short hair is a 2020 style and a blow to the ’90s trend that’s flooding our Instagram feeds. It’s really versatile and looks great.”

Joey and Jane are a loud couple. Jane, who was a childhood friend of the celebrity stylist, is today a “model mother” (in both senses of the word)). She is raising three boys while working part-time on Yummy Mummies, which airs on Netflix in Australia and the US. “They didn’t yet know what they were getting into – designing their home – it was a process that brought up a lot of problems that we needed to solve,” comments Pete Cannon. —Once every two weeks we met for dinner and discussed design; layout, materials, details and what it will look like.”

Scandizzo House reflects architect Pete Cannon’s exploration of the relationship between architecture, memory and identity. Home instills a sense of strength and stability. The carefully restored Victorian building features period decor – a cast-iron lace façade, decorative marble mantels, plaster cornices and rose ceiling moldings.

The new concrete structure gives the expanded volume a sense of solidity, while at the same time the elemental shape of the arched box outlines the archetypal shape of the house. Moreover, the form follows the architectural heritage of the original house, harmoniously combining old and new, despite stylistic differences.

The palette refers to the tonal softness of concrete shades. The result is a neutral and calming environment against which colorful life unfolds. Through the front door the entrance hall leads directly to the rear of the house and the garden and pool that lie beyond. The open plan living, dining and kitchen areas extend spatially to the outdoor terrace. The nurseries are upstairs, and the couple’s office and bedroom are at the front. Floor-to-ceiling glazing creates a bright and airy environment for a family of five.

Surfaces made of natural wood and marble complement the textural organics of concrete, and rattan furniture upholstered in leather or cotton textiles does not violate the prevailing color palette. Scandizzo House combines form and materials harmoniously, ultimately resulting in it becoming a family retreat. A peaceful ship for a couple who is not used to relaxing.

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