Robson Rak: a home-refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city

Stone, as one of the oldest materials known to man, was the inspiration for Australian architecture firm Robson Rak in this multi-generational family project. The house, which embodies a sense of permanence and peace, was designed to age gracefully, acquiring new features over time. Textured brutalist finishing materials in the exterior and interior transform it into a fortress that protects the tranquility of the inhabitants, and warm colors invite you to look inside, making it open to guests who gather in the spacious dining and living room.

The solidity of the facade facing the street is interrupted by multi-level geometric volumes. Fossil traces in limestone are reminiscent of eras long gone, making you feel the passage of time, but look forward to the future. The palette is equally timeless, with neutral beige hues complementing the sophisticated, muted tones of the furniture and accent art.

A gentle curve invites you to the entrance, where guests are greeted by an abstract painting by Australian artist John Young. According to the wishes of the owners, the house had to be adapted for a comfortable life for children and their parents, receiving guests and noisy parties, so special attention was paid to functional zoning in the project. Private and private spaces are located on different floors. On the ground level there is one of the lounges, a gym and technical rooms.

The living and dining areas are located on the ground floor and, thanks to access to the terrace, become an extension of the landscape, and the bedrooms are located above. The studio also integrated smart communications and equipment management systems into the project, which are powered by a solar panel on the roof and make it easy to adjust any technical parameters. The accents were set by the works of artisans, which retained the warmth of the touch of hands, and the works of local artists, emphasizing the connection with the local context.

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