BIG: Japandi architecture on a remote Japanese island

Japanese hotel group NOT A HOTEL has tapped architect Bjarke Ingels to expand its chain, and his Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has come up with a design that aims to make the remote island of Sakishima a center of attraction.

The combination of stunning scenery, cutting-edge architecture, and innovative technology will make the hotel one of the most luxurious complexes in Japan. The architecture is inspired by a traditional Japanese house, which was built at a specific angle. The three villas – “360”, “270” and “180” – are named based on their views of the island due to their location at different altitudes.

Setouci’s three round villas overlook the Inland Sea. The recognizable tiled roofs of the structures flow smoothly into a network of roads that crisscross the landscape. Room interiors feature textured monolithic walls paired with wood ceilings and paved floors. The heart of the villa will be the picturesque bedrooms with views of the sea and nearby mountains.

The dialogue between Danish and Japanese culture occurs through a mix of laconicism characteristic of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, on the one hand, and attentive attitude to the natural landscape and thoughtful infrastructure, on the other. Architects note the similarities between Scandinavian and Japanese culture in their pursuit of quality and excellence in everything.

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