Small Kitchen Design: 5 Layout Solutions

The design of a small kitchen is the effective use of every useful inch of an area. Small kitchens today are not only an unfortunate inevitability but also a conscious choice. In an era of urbanization and lack of space, the Soft Minimal trend is relevant: people try to get by with less without cluttering up already small apartments.

Designers offer multifunctional, adaptable solutions and rely on transforming objects, well-defined clear lines, natural materials, and a natural palette. The authors visually add inches to the small kitchen, using light colors and “dissolving” the furniture in space. They are trying to win the area by combining the kitchen and living areas.

Dmitri Sivak: apartment 50 sq. meters in Odessa

Dmitry Sivak, Sivak+Partners, created a simple and comfortable interior for a young man. Even at the design stage, it became clear that it was impossible to “scream” the beauty outside the window, so a calm image was chosen for the apartment.

If earlier clients were afraid of the merger of the kitchen and living room, now this technique has become so commonplace that in this project the designer was able to realize the union of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

The design of a small kitchen in this case is laconic facades in a calm color palette. The zoning of the open space kitchen-living room is implemented by changing the flooring and a protruding console that can serve as a workplace or breakfast counter, along with a full-fledged dining table.

Room Design Büro: apartment 32 sqm meters in a new building

Anastasia Zaitseva and Anton Lysko, Room Design Büro, prove with their projects that the budget is not important for an interesting interior. A small apartment in a new building is an example of a comfortable space in a modest area.

The designers were faced with the task of placing everything necessary for a comfortable stay – a living room area with a sofa group, a kitchen with a dining table, an isolated bedroom, and a small bathroom. 

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen-living room by a furniture box with transparent glass in the upper part. Thanks to this solution, both rooms seem visually larger, and natural light also penetrates into the bedroom. The box on the side of the living room includes a kitchen set, and on the side of the bedroom – a storage system. Almost all furniture in the project is made to order from plywood.

SVOYA studio: apartment 47 sq. meters in Odessa

The architects of SVOYA Studio have turned a single apartment with uneven walls into a spacious studio apartment for relaxing at any time of the year. 

For the apartment, they chose calm finishing materials that do not argue with the sea outside the window – non-woven wallpaper for painting, self-leveling floors, concrete, and natural wood. The color palette is built on the contrast of dark and light shades.

The furniture was selected according to the price-quality ratio. The project contains many objects of Ukrainian brands and items from Ikea, cabinet furniture was made to order according to the sketches of the projects. The semantic center of the interior is the island kitchen, symbolizing home comfort.

The design of a small kitchen included a large storage system along one of the walls, which also housed household appliances. Thanks to this solution, the curvilinear geometry of space were corrected.

Alexandra Karabatov: 45 sq. meters in the south-west of Moscow

A small apartment 45 sq. meters was intended for a girl. The young customer invited designer Alexandra Karabatova to decorate the interior and expressed her main wishes.

It was necessary to create a stylish modern interior in a restrained color scheme without stereotypical feminine excesses with a large number of hidden storage systems. The designer began the design of a one-room apartment with the formation of a spacious kitchen-living room.

The two zones were separated by a bar counter, which also serves as a dining table. The design of the small kitchen harmoniously blended into the whole interior: the facades of the cabinets were painted in the color of the walls.

Pavel Zheleznov and Tatyana Borisova: apartment 47 sq. meters

The apartment for temporary residence is a project by  Pavel Zheleznov and Tatyana Borisova. The customer was a young financier who purchased housing in a reconstructed historic building in the Krasnopresnensky district.

A single space without load-bearing walls and columns was zoned in several ways at once. With the help of ceiling beams, three caissons were formed, which focus on the separation of the sofa group and the kitchen-dining room.

Emphasize zoning and the main visual dominants of the room – cabinets with brass ornaments. One of the kitchen sections is located behind Art Deco folding doors, the other is built into a niche. Despite the compact size, the authors of the project were able to fit in a small kitchen the necessary set of household appliances – an oven, a built-in refrigerator, and a hood. 

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