Get inspired: 5 incredible interiors with wall panels

Fabric, wood, and gypsum – panels can be different, but they are equally cool and transform the atmosphere. We collected interiors with these wall decorations and completely different moods.

Living room with composite wall panel

The basic decoration of the living room in the photo (wooden floor, light walls) allowed the designer to show imagination in choosing furniture and decor. Next to the neutral gray sofa is an interesting red armchair, a long console is divided into several color compartments, and an unusual stone decor is on the coffee table. But the highlight of the interior is a white panel above the console, consisting of five parts. There are not so many white elements in the room, so the decoration looks contrasting. The image shows a fantasy mixture of geometric patterns, sketchy animals, and human silhouettes.

Modern living room with plant panels

This living room is filled with light: lots of white, spotlights, and additional ceiling light. A large panel above the sofa looks quite contrasting against such a background. It is voluminous and consists of artificial greenery and stabilized moss: such a natural component perfectly refreshes a neutral “urban” interior. Inside the panel, a backlight is installed around the perimeter, thanks to which the plant elements and their textures are even better viewed.

Cozy bedroom with wooden panels and boho motifs

The interior of this bedroom is relaxing – a predominantly warm range is complemented by deep blue textiles. A noticeable decorative item is a wooden panel above the bed, which echoes the blue curtains. This wall decoration with ethnic motifs immediately sets a special atmosphere. Please note that the boho style is supported by another decor, although it is impossible to say that the entire room is made in this style. A small macrame on the side of the wall, a rattan lamp, and beige pillowcases with tassels do not allow the bright panel to look foreign in the bedroom interior and create a variety of textures.

Achromatic interior of the living room with a large panel

Neutral interiors are just as eye-catching as color ones because gray, white, and black are not easy to create a pleasant harmonious space. Decor plays an important role in them. What to choose to decorate a room, but still keep its color uniqueness? The owners of this house settled on a large beige panel above the sofa. It was impossible to choose a smaller size – the room has high ceilings. The texture of the canvas itself is not obvious from the outside: one can only guess – this is the interweaving of long pieces of fabric or thick paper. But in any case, the panel, reminiscent of fishing nets, looks unusual (and appropriate!) In this living room. And look at the ceiling lamp – its “shade”, thrown over the frame, also resembles a network, only smaller.

Bright interior with fabric panels

This bright living room has a completely different mood – everything is decided by an orange sofa. By the way, you can take note: if you want a catchy interior, but don’t know how to approach it, start with a bright sofa. It will set the tone and become the center of attraction. However, in this living room, the sofa is not the only element of the rich shade. It is supported by a pouffe from the same series, as well as a large fabric panel. The latter was placed on the wall to the side of the sofa above a small dark green console with plants. The combination of green and rich orange, almost terracotta, although very contrasting, but pleasing to the eye – these are the natural shades of vegetation and clay. The panel itself with an abstract ethnic pattern looks original against the background of white walls.

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