Small Space: Bright studio 24 sq. meters

Designer Sara Mikhailova is the author of the project for this tiny studio apartment in the Symbol residential complex. The area of ​​the space is 24.2 square meters, ceiling height of 3 meters. With the help of competent zoning, the designer was able to design a hallway, kitchen, recreation area, and dining room in the studio, and the presence of a balcony visually expanded the space.

“First the color of unripe figs was born, then the tiles were added, and behind it, the image of Franz Lefort as a connecting thread with the history of the area,” says the designer.

At the entrance you are greeted by a transparent Kartell chair and a portrait of General Franz Lefort – it is executed in the main colors of the entire interior. For the living room, continuing the connection with the history of the area, the designer chose a painting with Red Army soldiers racing on horses. Metlakh tiles “Ceramics of the Future” and herringbone parquet were laid on the floor. All tiles are attached to the mesh, which reduces installation time and speeds up the coating process.

“It all started with the hallway,” says the designer. — To visually distract from the boring corridor and get a boost of color from the entrance, I used the color-blocking technique and rolled the ceiling, walls, doors, and some of the furniture in one color. This technique has already set the rhythm, the following colors were selected according to the ombre principle – flowing from shade to shade.”

“Irina, the owner of the apartment, wanted to reflect the spirit of modernity in the interior and pay tribute to history because her house is located in one of the oldest districts of the city. Therefore, the neoclassical style was taken as a basis, which fits into any project, be it a large family nest outside the city or a compact apartment in a metropolis,” says Sarah. “Irina is also a master of sports in swimming, and she wanted something in this apartment to remind her of this.” So we created a partition made of transparent blocks to separate the bedroom, which, by refracting the light, creates the feeling of being underwater.”

In the selection of furniture, the designer and the customer decided to choose the principle of compromise, when budget furniture and accessories are combined with designer items. “Vintage Bazar provided us with several items. One of them is a sculpture of a boy’s head from the 1950s. Students studied using it at the architectural institute, and now it decorates the apartment.” In the living room, there is a sofa. Opposite is a Bonaldo coffee table. The chest of drawers is made of solid mahogany in a single copy by the Dutch factory Van Room.

The kitchen area fits everything you need. There is a grader for grinding organic waste, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, an extractor hood, and a compact dishwasher from the Weissgauff brand. The pattern of noble marble is repeated in the decoration of the kitchen panel and bathroom.

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