Apartment with its own gym

Apartment with an area of ​​85 sq. meters, the interior which was created by designers Alexey Bulygin and  Arsen Orekhov, is located on the top floor of a house on a quiet street. The house was built in 1986 according to an individual project and stands out for its architectural solutions – it is located on the relief, and its facades are decorated with semicircular bay windows. The windows offer incredible views of the City and the large Catholic church. It was the atmosphere of this place that influenced the final choice of apartment.

“The customer is a very active person,” say the authors of the project. “She travels often and enjoys martial arts. The apartment has a whole room dedicated to punching bags and other sports equipment: inspired by sports facilities, we decorated one of the walls in it with mirror panels.”

“The apartment was in a state of slight obsolescence. It was necessary to give the space a new life, to arrange it in accordance with the rhythm of life of a modern person. It was decided to use the most modern solutions possible that fit into the budget.”

“The location on the top floor turned out to be both an advantage and a disadvantage for us. The apartment’s windows face two sides, and the balcony and semicircular bay windows offer excellent views of the capital. There are neighbors only downstairs, and on the same floor, there is a minimum number of adjacent apartments. Absolute silence is an ideal place for those who value peace and solitude. However, due to the corner location, the apartment had eight heating risers, two in each room – everything had to be redone, and this meant additional weeks to the schedule. In addition, the apartment is located under a cold attic, so it was necessary to additionally insulate the ceiling to ensure a comfortable temperature inside the apartment. The budget increased due to the reconstruction of the roof, and the customer had to cover these costs with his own funds.”

“The main task in planning decisions was to use the area as functionally as possible. Each room has a space to store all the necessary things. The guest area – kitchen, dining room, living room, and bay window area – is designed as a single space without partitions or divisions. In the center of the living area, a block with cabinets was placed, where a refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer were removed, as well as a manifold, ventilation, and the entrance to the bedroom. The block forms a corridor that divided the project into two parts – the guest block and the master block.”

“The kitchen island combined with the dining table is an elegant and practical composition that has several uses. The table is connected to the island, which allows you to use its surface for cooking or communicating with guests. If there is a need for additional seating, the table can be extended, which will comfortably accommodate all guests. This configuration allows for optimal use of space and creates a pleasant atmosphere for socializing and cooking.”

“We described the style of this interior as modern with ethnic elements. Ethnic elements are embodied in the color scheme – earthy tones, green and brown shades predominate. The shape of the shelves in the living room resembles the writings of African tribes. A wooden coffee table and a patterned rug develop an ethnic motif. Our task was to do without the use of particularly expensive materials – for example, marble or natural veneer panels. We decided to focus on colors and textures without going beyond laconic solutions.”

“The walls are painted mainly in light warm shades. Some rooms use darker colors – grape in the bedroom, ocher in the fitness area. Some of the storage in the kitchen and hallway area is also done in a darker shade. Black elements can be seen in all rooms in the form of electrical appliances, inserts in baseboards, and other surfaces. The black color is also supported by the plumbing.”

“The master block consists of a bedroom with its own bathroom and a sports room. In the bedroom area, we placed the bed along the room, “island type” – this allowed us to bring coziness to the space and at the same time make the most ergonomic use of the area. The shower door is sliding – to combine and expand the bedroom.”

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