Trends 2023/2024: Barbie house as a symbol of inclusiveness

Copenhagen-based studio Tableau continues to develop important contemporary design trends. We know Tableau founder Julius Vernes Iversen first and foremost as a quirky florist who transformed his company from a flower shop into a full-fledged multidisciplinary design studio, testing potential in collaboration with artists, designers, and design brands.

Iversen opened his concept store in a 19th-century building at the prestigious Store Kongensgade, with interiors designed by David Tulstrup. The floral arrangements here are as eccentric as the choice of subjects: shortly after founding, the studio became a viral success with a series of monumental gypsophila clouds; other installations featured tufts of exotic flowers interspersed with more modest varieties such as reindeer moss and asparagus fern. Iversen’s bouquets are always a bright combination of fresh and painted flowers.

Tableau curated Funct Feast, a functional art and collectible design exhibition at Älvsjö Gård as part of Stockholm Design Week. The exhibition showcased the work of 23 different designers selected by Tableau, from round ceramic bowls by Swede Anneli Grimwade to sculpted oak chairs by Norwegian Henrik Odegaard. Iversen prefers emotional, colorful and sculptural designs.

For the show in Brussels, at Collectible 2023, Iversen presented an installation inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse, showcasing pieces in bubblegum pink. The curated exhibition is called You Can Be Anything. Among the colorful pieces, glass tables by Lumière Bricoleur, a floral print mirror by Chris Culmer and a metal bench by Pettersen & Hein stand out.

“Barbie has become a symbol of inclusiveness in terms of doll body shape, gender roles, sexuality, ethnicity and more. We wanted to emphasize that there are many places in the world where people are not accepted simply because they are and they are. So we created a Barbie-inspired living room.”

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