Baxter Outdoor Gallery: Mediterranean culture as a source of inspiration

Baxter Outdoor Gallery is a Mediterranean island that has emerged today in the center of Milan. The project for the Italian furniture brand used finishes and materials that mark a passion for Mediterranean culture, outdoor encounters, pristine nature, and magnificent architecture. From the sisal floor, reminiscent of Moorish mats, to the rough lime on the walls, as in Southern Italy, the space is built around the new furniture of Roberto Lazzeroni and Studiopepe. The collective image is completed by Nigerian vases, Ethiopian amphoras, a collection of African masks and ancient Chinese objects, distributed among the large-leaved plants of the “secret garden”.

Sea, sun, beach, delicious food, old stones – how not to fall in love with the image of the Mediterranean – the cradle of European civilization? The fashion for Mediterranean decor arose a couple of years ago in the wake of a pandemic when dreams and memories of sunny holiday days became especially acute.

The Mediterranean trend will create a combination of white with shades of blue and a few notes of ocher. The main sources of inspiration and meaning are the coastal cities of Greece and Italy. Walls, floors, and wooden furniture are painted white to bring brightness and freshness. One terracotta pillow, an ocher-colored jug or a frame hanging on the wall in terracotta colors is enough. Natural materials: a must-have for Mediterranean decor.

And if sofas and beds look massive or as part of the architecture of the house, then for armchairs and tables there is a focus on light and flexible materials. Basically, it is rattan, sisal, raffia or even linen. These natural materials in neutral, soft, and warm colors are present throughout the home: for example, sisal carpet in the bedroom, raffia lampshade in the living room, rattan chair on the veranda, macrame decor in the nursery, burlap pillows on the sofa.

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