10 most fashionable interior trends 2023/2024

The interior design of the next decade is focused on proximity to the natural environment and sustainability. The search for nature-inspired shapes, architecture, organic materials, colors, and finishes is becoming increasingly popular in new brand collections and when creating spaces to live and work. Many interesting trends have emerged as a rapid response to the pandemic and have taken root immediately. We define the most significant trends in the interior design of the upcoming season. 

Slow life

Analysts and futurologists study in detail how the changes of the last two years affect the rhythms and various aspects of our daily lives. And there are already some interesting trends that will determine the future of our homes and the planet. What is it, the archetype of the house of the coming years? Climate experts say that everything “fast” will be a thing of the past, and it’s time to clear life of unnecessary objects and actions. For example, unnecessary travel is optimized with virtual appointments. Office space is no longer absolutized, and mini-offices and home offices will be much more efficient for the work of many, including civil servants. The plans also include a general reduction in working hours and the conversion of office space into communication hubs, where the main function will be communication and inspiration.

Biophilia and naturology

Today people want to be closer to nature. Apartments in new houses will definitely have a balcony, which will accommodate a mini-garden and no additional storage space. Interior design will also emphasize the desire for naturalness. Furniture similar to garden furniture (made of straw or rattan) will decorate not only the yard but also the living room. Everyone will strive to fill every room with plants. Eco-friendly, organic, and vegetal: cork, rattan, and terracotta will be among the top finishes. Jute rugs, large and small, are popular. All natural cotton fabrics, linen, coarse calico, chintz, flannel or poplin will be the most in-demand when decorating a room.

Color, materials, textures

Experts are sure: expressive textures will dominate not only furniture and carpets. Structured walls and ceilings will add an architectural touch to any space and keep the current juicy palette alive. Curtains are used to beautifully filter the light and give the room a soft feel. By inertia, we will follow the tense and unpredictable events around us, so there will be a great need to create a “cocoon” of wool and cotton. A cozy home reliably protects our emotions, and unfinished and, as it were, unfinished surfaces and materials will allow everyone to develop and express their individuality. Housing is equated to a safe and comfortable cave, but built with a predominance of natural and clean lines, conveying a feeling of freedom and purity. 

Upcycling & Recycling

Sustainability, which has become a guiding principle in design, will be reflected in a more conscious and delicate interior aesthetic. Here, in addition to the importance of a stronger connection with nature, there will be several mandatory recommendations. One aspect of home decor that needs to be considered is quality, safety, and durability. Obviously, a good product should remain useful for a long time and, if necessary, be easily repairable. This means a renewed interest in retro and vintage styles – restored iconic design elements can improve the modern style.

Saving resources 

It is clear that the principles of energy saving and sustainability embedded in newly built homes will be centered around energy sources and the water cycle. The development of advanced technologies allows for relative self-sufficiency, maximum attention to the area of ​​the house, and a good balance in the energy consumption cycle for the houses of the next years. And last but not least, the fact that more and more designers, architects, and artists are paying more and more attention to the ethical side of what their products, materials, and elements for building projects come from. It’s great to know that local artisans and craftsmen are producing furniture or decorative items for your home because supporting our communities is truly the best way to build a home.


Another growing trend is the versatility of space and the ability to use it as efficiently as possible with minimal changes. Thoughtful design is key here, especially when it comes to great and stylish ideas for small spaces. Any solutions must be implemented with sustainable, recycled, or ethically sourced natural materials. Building a home should be in keeping with the needs of the times, the planet, and changing ethics, and less so with fashion. 

Smart home

Technology in 2023 is playing a huge role in interior design. All smart applications used in daily life are gradually becoming simple and convenient to use. If you properly optimize the quality of the circulating air inside the apartment, you can not only make life comfortable but also turn the house into a blooming garden. The influence of new technologies is noticeable not only in the kitchen. Lamps can serve as speakers and bedside tables are equipped with wireless chargers. Sofas that can remember the individual characteristics of family members and beds that slightly push the sleeper if he snores are in fashion.

Flexible solutions

Rooms today can flow from one to another, and space zoning has not gone out of fashion for several years, and continues to be super-relevant. That is why multifunctional furniture is needed, which can mark the boundaries of space or, conversely, separate them from each other. A table that easily turns into a dining table is considered fashionable. Cabinets not only store things but also zone the living space. The whole interior should embody a simple transformation at any moment. So, along with wardrobe items, interior design acts as a means of self-expression of the owners. 

3D Art

There is a growing wave of interest in 3D art. People are looking to add fantasy, intrigue, and life to flat walls as everyone continues to spend a lot of time at home. Compositions that consist of several parts that can be customized in different ways will be popular. Along with this, the active development of metauniverses and virtual interiors began. Image visualizations will become increasingly important.

Big Libraries

Interior designers are noticing an increased interest in home libraries. People are again investing in large gatherings that bring the whole family together. Many are beginning to realize that not all information should be stored on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

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