Forget about wallpaper: 11 fresh solutions for wall decoration

The most common materials for wall decoration are wallpaper, paint, and plaster. But these are not all possible options. We share a selection of interesting and stylish ideas that you will surely like.

1. 3D panels

Finishing material allows you to quickly and easily cover the walls with a three-dimensional pattern. 3D panels are both quite expensive – made of wood, glass, gypsum, and more budgetary – made of PVC or shredded bamboo shoots. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of such panels – you can easily choose the desired pattern and shade.

2. Vintage brick

Stylish, spectacular, but rather expensive type of finish – vintage brick. At the same time, there is both artificially aged material and real old brick from dismantled masonry.

An important point: working with this material requires good professional skills. In addition, it is very heavy, be sure to consider this point when choosing a finish.

3. Gypsum tiles

A much lighter and budget option that allows you to create an imitation of a stone or brick wall – gypsum tiles. This material has gained particular popularity due to the fashion for loft style and industrial motifs in the interior.

4. Tree

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly, textured, practical, and durable material that is perfect for wall decoration. Modern manufacturers offer a lot of different options for wood panels.

You can also use more original options in wall cladding: for example, saw cuts, wooden mosaics, or vintage barn boards.

However, such a solution also has disadvantages – the high cost and significant weight of the material.

5. Laminate

A relatively budget solution that allows you to get around the main disadvantages of natural wood (significantly sacrificing durability and status of the finish) is laminate.

6. Pebble

Pebble wall decoration is not the most common move; it is far from appropriate in every interior. However, for certain areas (bathroom, kitchen, hallway), such a solution can be very practical and effective.

7. Leather panels

A stylish modern material for wall decoration, which will not only add zest to the interior but also provide additional heat and sound insulation. Leather panels are most appropriate for decorating an accent wall, while they are easy to maintain. The downside is the rather high price, especially on genuine leather panels.

8. Fabric panels

Another way to decorate a wall with soft, voluminous soundproofing material is to opt for fabric panels. The cost of such finishing will depend on the type of fabric; this option is also great for decorating an accent wall or zoning and will be incredibly appropriate in the bedroom, children’s room, and home cinema room.

9. Metal

Metal is not the most commonly used material for wall decoration. But the popularity of industrial motifs made designers think about the benefits of using them in the interior.

Of the undoubted advantages – wear resistance and a pronounced brutal character. In addition, the metal has reflective properties (which is often useful) and also goes well with other durable natural materials: wood, and stone.

Perhaps, metal is hardly suitable for finishing all the walls in an apartment, however, it will be an excellent choice for decorating an accent wall or a kitchen apron.

10. Wall mural

Undeservedly forgotten for a while, some time ago, photo wallpapers received a kind of “second life”. With their help, you can realize the most daring design ideas. If you wish, you can even create your own wallpaper design – for example, based on personal photos.

11. Mirrors

Mirrors have several significant advantages: they visually expand the space and multiply sunlight. At the same time, it is not necessary to use the usual smooth mirror surface in the decoration: there are, for example, mirror tiles and mirror mosaics.

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