No Curtains: 8 Ways to Decorate Your Window Space

If you think that curtains are the only option for window design, you are mistaken. We show examples of how you can play with openings in an apartment in a different way.

1. Lay out a garden on the windowsill

You can beautifully decorate the window space with the help of indoor plants. Ampel climbing varieties are well suited for this venture – place the planters above the window or on the sides. Or just arrange pots with your favorite flowers. Just keep in mind that not all plants thrive in the light. Choose sun-loving varieties that are not afraid of direct rays.

2. Decorate with stained glass

Stained glass was very popular in the past. And now they are coming back into fashion: not only in private houses, but also in apartments for exterior windows. Moreover, stained-glass windows are made not only of glass. You can order classics from professionals or make your own painting with an outline. There are a lot of workshops on the web, so you can easily master this technique if you want. Or you can do even simpler – use stained glass self-adhesive film.

3. Make it a work area

Window space can be made part of the work area if you have a small room. Extend the window sill with a countertop, and install a protective box on the radiator, if it is under the window. Arrange artificial lighting for the dark. On the sides of the work area, you can put cabinets for storing stationery or decorate the window decoratively: for example, here it was taken in a contrasting wooden “frame”.

4. Lay out with decorative tiles

An unusual way to decorate a window opening is to lay out the slopes with beautiful patterned tiles. If the windowsill is also functional, playing the role of dining or desk, hang sconces on the sides for better lighting in the morning and evening. In the south-facing room, you can hang roller blinds or Roman blinds to protect from the excessively bright sun during the day.

5. Hang the blinds

A popular alternative to curtains is blinds. They can be vertical or horizontal, with mechanical and automatic extension modes. Blinds are made of different materials, so don’t limit yourself to plastic. It is better to choose high-quality wooden or aluminum. And such a replacement for curtains looks unexpectedly good on panoramic windows.

6. Put a bookcase with décor

Another option for those who do not want to hang curtains is a functional bookcase on the windowsill. Put décor, kitchen utensils, and any other little things on it, but do not overload the shelves. In the rays of the sun or in the moonlight, vases, plates, or other dishes made of colored glass will look beautiful.

7. Decorate only the bottom with a curtain

This option is especially suitable for a country-style interior or a country house. In the past, only the lower half of the window was decorated with curtains in the villages, and now this technique can be repeated. Pick up intricate embroidered fabrics for complete authenticity, or opt for a regular short tulle. Complement the cozy picture with décor on the windowsill.

8. Install shutters

Although the usual option is to install shutters outside, and most often in a private house, modern design does not accept stereotypes. For example, in this project, the designer proposed to decorate the window with internal shutters. This is an interesting alternative to curtains, which adds graphics to the interior, and also perfectly protects from the sun.

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