A family with a child doesn’t have a bedroom and created unusual interior

The designer managed to design the perfect vacation apartment.

Customers & Challenges

The owners of this apartment permanently live abroad, and the housing was bought in order to make it convenient to stay during visits to the city. A family with a young daughter turned to Oksana Agaponova at the Artek design studio with a request to create an interior in the style of modern classics, in some ways even theatrical, since the owner is close to this interpretation of space.


This is a one-room apartment, or, as such layouts are positioned today, a euro-two-bedroom apartment: a kitchen-living room, a separate bedroom, and a bathroom. The owners immediately indicated their intention to give the only isolated room to the child, but they wanted to equip a dressing room/pantry. To do this, they “took away” part of the kitchen area and allocated a dressing room at the entrance to the apartment. In the children’s room, a partition was built for the built-in wardrobe.


They did not skimp on finishing materials. There is high-quality paint on the walls. Behind the sofa, a panel wallpaper was used, framed by copper moldings. Gypsum moldings were also actively used in the interior. The wall in the TV area is finished with porcelain stoneware with a copper texture, the same one used on the kitchen backsplash. On the floor, there is a herringbone parquet. In the hallway, there is marble-effect porcelain stoneware.

In the bathroom, marble-effect porcelain tiles have been used, but with brown veins, which are combined not only with the wood panels in the toilet installation area but also with the color of the copper-effect porcelain tiles in the kitchen-living room.

In the apartment, they decided not to use standard split systems and opted for a ducted air conditioning system. The grilles fit perfectly under the ceiling and selected suitable gypsum cornices.

Furniture & Storage Systems

The kitchen set is compact but roomy. The refrigerator was built-in, but the column with the oven was abandoned in order to free up more work surface on the countertop. A feature of the kitchen is hidden sockets in the countertop. This is how we managed to make the backsplash monolithic and therefore more spectacular. There is also a pull-out system of shelves in the upper section of the cabinets above the hob.

To match the color of the kitchen, there is a hanging TV table in the living room.

At the entrance, a dressing room was allocated, which also became a laundry room (a washing machine and a dryer are mounted inside). The presence of a dressing room made it possible to free the hallway from wardrobes, there is only a hanging console for small things.

In the children’s room, the wardrobes are made to match the color of the walls and the soft sofa bed. Storage systems “frame” the bed, and there are also open shelves for books and toys.

In the corner, there is a soft sofa for reading books, as the girl is a big fan of books.

And for the future, a workplace with lockers and shelves for storage has been designed by the window.

In the bathroom, in addition to the sink cabinet, there is a cabinet above the toilet installation.


The general light is the spotlights built into the ceiling. Additional lighting — floor lamps, wall sconces, hidden lighting — allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in the dark or play the role of functional light when it comes to illuminating shelves.

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