Marshmallow – Burbiškės forest

In the embrace of Burbiškės forest, the interior of a two-room apartment has been installed in the multi-apartment project “Forest Ardai”.

One of the biggest “legacies” of this apartment is the forest, which is green all year round and can be seen through the panoramic windows. It was decided not to obscure the image through the windows but to highlight it. For this purpose, a minimalist, bright interior was chosen. Contrasting colors are used for the existing greens, but with a light, soft, cozy color.

A pink pastel color has been added, which is not only the main accent in the apartment, but also acts as a dividing line to separate the different functional areas (technical areas of the apartment separated from the living space, such as the kitchen, corridor, bathroom, and storage). The feeling of lightness is complemented by the chosen micro cement floor covering, reminiscent of a walk on the cloud with its unique pattern.

Author: Rūta Montrimaitė
Photographer: Gintaras Morkūnas
Location: Lithuania
Year: 2020

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