Gypsum tiles in the interior (53 photos)

Brick, schist, and 3D panels – we tell you how to fit gypsum tiles into the interior of a city apartment.

Gypsum tiles in the interior have been used for a very long time in a variety of design areas. Plus, their analog is gaining popularity – gypsum panels. We tell you how and where you can use gypsum in the design of an apartment.

Material Features

Decorative gypsum tiles in interior design are one of the favorite materials for interior decoration. It is understandable: it has many advantages.

  • First, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic. It is suitable for finishing the main rooms: from the kitchen and living room to the nursery.
  • Secondly, lightness and breathability. Unlike the same concrete, which imitates brickwork, gypsum breathes. It weighs much less and is therefore suitable for mounting even on thin surfaces.
  • Thirdly, the laying process itself is much simpler than ceramics or artificial stone. Even a beginner can cope with such a task without outside help. True, this does not apply to gypsum panels. It is better to entrust their installation and installation to specialists.
  • Finally, the last one is the price. Decorative brick and stone are definitely cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Gypsum also has disadvantages. This is a low frost resistance and a high coefficient of moisture absorption. It is impossible to trim uninsulated balconies and bathrooms with such material.

Another point is the complexity of cleaning. Dust quickly accumulates on the plates, which must be wiped at least once a month. And to keep the stone clean, it is impregnated with protective agents.

The most popular textures are brick and slate. Consider the features of their application.

Interior with gypsum brick tiles

A brick wall as an accent and main decoration is used by designers in several styles at once. In this way, spaces are designed in a modern and Scandinavian style, as well as in a loft, if it is not possible to open a real wall. Brick is most involved in loft spaces. Here they are usually not limited to one wall, but can thus cover the entire area. By the way, the stone goes well in this design with wood, concrete, and metal structures. In this case, the color used is predominantly natural – terracotta. The less decorative the tile, the better. It should be as close as possible to the real masonry.

In Scandi, a brick wall usually becomes an unobtrusive accent. Painted, as a rule, in white, it does not attract attention but adds texture to the design. Moreover, in this way, the wall can be framed both completely and partially, for example, in the TV area or near the central chest of drawers.

There are no rules in modern designs. Brick are found here both in the main finish and in the accent. The color depends on the gamut, sometimes designers even use color options.

Imitation of decorative stone

Remember how popular gypsum schist tiles were in the interior of the hallway? Often it was decorated with a jamb around the front door to the ceiling. And in the same way, they finished protruding corners, niches, and arches. I must say, this decor is a thing of the past. Today, imitation of decorative slate is extremely rare in design projects. It was replaced by slabs of marble, porcelain stoneware, and other textured building materials.

Where can decorative slate be used? First of all, this is the decoration of the fireplace. But we are talking specifically about the outer lining, it is better to carry out the inner lining with more heat-resistant materials, for example, artificial and natural stone, real brick. False fireplaces can be finished completely.

From a stylistic point of view, a fireplace is a fairly neutral design element. So gypsum cladding will be appropriate in any style: Scandinavian, eco, modern, rustic, examples are especially good in a chalet. Options in white, black, and gray colors – the most neutral, terracotta, and natural shades look more contrasting.

In addition, such tiles are used to decorate an accent wall. Moreover, it is examples with partial finishing that look better. On a large wall, this texture looks too sharp and active.

Decorative gypsum stone tiles are less versatile in the interior than brickwork. Still fresh in my memory are examples of its not very successful use in the early 2000s. And, besides, it often creates the effect of inappropriate external cladding.

With care, products are used in modern and Scandinavian interiors with an eco bias. Warm colors and natural textures can soften the effect of the material for outdoor work.

Gypsum panels – an alternative to the usual textures

If you don’t like such textures, we suggest considering another version of gypsum products – panels. Although in fact, the idea is the same – it’s a tile. It has a third, more marketing name – 3D panels. Gypsum panels are significantly more expensive than conventional brick or stone products. But in the photo, such gypsum tiles in the interior look much more spectacular. The breadth of the presented textures is also surprising. There is plenty to choose from here: you can find both softer smooth shapes and geometry.

Today, just strict lines are relevant, which create a play of light and shadow due to the bas-relief. Such forms fit perfectly into modern design. Designers most often suggest using them in finishing the accent wall in the bedroom – at the head of the bed. But there are interesting examples of implementation on the whole wall. For this, it is better to choose a simpler texture: for example, thin vertical lines. Panels fit well into the living room. Here they are also used as an accent.

Please note that the installation of such material is difficult to carry out independently. We do not recommend experimenting: too expensive material that is easy to spoil. Please note: in the photo, the panels look like a single panel. This effect is achieved by additional paint coverage after installation. Although most projects are white, the boards can be painted in any suitable shade.

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