Beautiful one-story houses, or what an ideal house is

Have you already become the happy owner of a plot of land, but have not yet figured out what to build on it? After all, the choice is great: beautiful one-story houses, two-story cottages, and even entire castles… Your eyes are simply wide open!

We invite you to get together and talk about one-story buildings. Let’s look at various projects of beautiful one-story houses and cottages, discuss their advantages and, of course, enjoy the colorful photo illustrations. We have been looking for them all over the world for you!

Modern one-story houses: pros and no cons

Perhaps a one-story house does not have many advantages over its tall counterparts. But they are very compelling:

  • Budget-friendly, because you won’t have to spend money on building a second or third floor. This will allow you not to skimp on the quality of building materials and the spectacular exterior design of the building. Agree, that the external attractiveness of the “home of your dreams” is no less important than its practicality and durability. The exquisite facade of a one-story private house will decorate the territory and be a source of your pride.
  • The layout of one-story buildings can be done without internal stairs (except those leading to the roof or attic). If there are children or elderly people in the family, you will be sure of their safety. No more difficult climbs, uncomfortable descents and no risk of traumatic falls!
  • Do you think that one-story buildings are too small and cramped? It is possible to make even a small house quite spacious thanks to a well-designed project. Entrust its development to good specialists.

But before you run to the architect, try to imagine your Ideal Home. So, we admire the photo projects of modern one-story houses, analyze them, and make a choice.

Frame one-story houses – beautiful and economical

In Germany, Finland, Japan, and the USA, frame houses are recognized favorites of the public. They are confident leaders in the market of low-rise buildings. The basis of such a building is a frame made of wood or metal, covered on both sides with decorative panels. Inside the walls, as a rule, are filled with insulation. That is why frame houses are considered the most energy efficient. In addition they:

  • quite light and do not require a powerful foundation;
  • built quickly;
  • are inexpensive.

But frame technology is not only profitable and convenient, it is also beautiful.

The layout of the house can be any, the design of the facades can be very diverse and aesthetically pleasing. Do you want a beautiful one-story house with large windows in a minimalist style? Please! An original “rustic” building with wooden clapboard facades? No problem! For lovers of the European Middle Ages – a classic of the frame genre: a charming house in the tradition of the German half-timbered style. For the modern and daring – a daring (and very expensive!) rethinking of the same traditions: a half-timbered house with walls made of durable glass.

A frame building can handle any incarnation!

Beautiful wooden one-story houses

Wood is our original building material, natural and environmentally friendly. Time-tested, covered in fairy tales and legends. Keeping living warmth. And this is not a metaphor, but physics. Just imagine: with the same wall thickness, heating a wooden house requires 4 times less energy resources than heating a brick one.

So a house made of timber or logs is simply irreplaceable in the climatic conditions of the north. And choose the design yourself.

Romantics will be enchanted by the rugged beauty of the Alpine chalet style. It is formed by the powerful energy of two natural materials – wood and natural stone. The main feature of a “shepherd’s hut” is its sloping roof, protruding far beyond the walls. In bad weather, it reliably protects the house from precipitation and strong winds.

The interior walls of a wooden house do not require additional finishing. It’s beautiful, fashionable, environmentally friendly. Take note of a little trick from Finland. In a traditional Finnish house, the attic is reserved for the bedroom. It is built from coniferous trees, most often from pine. Of course, without any plaster. Imagine how sweet it is to fall asleep under the arches of an amber tree, inhaling its beneficial resinous aroma!

Do you dream of a beautiful wooden house, but are scared away by the high cost of natural materials? We offer a compromise. Use wood siding as finishing. It looks quite decent and will significantly save your money.

Beautiful one-story brick houses

Brick houses are practical, reliable, and durable. And, importantly, they are more fireproof than wooden ones.

Brick allows you to create architectural wonders, forming columns, arches, original ledges, and borders. The pattern of the brickwork is fascinating. You can choose your ideal color from a variety of noble shades.

This universal building material will allow you to implement a project of any complexity. From a laconic house with large panoramic windows in a minimalist style to an elegant mansion in English taste. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself!

With attic

Make the most of your one-story home. No more dusty attics! The space under the roof is additional space for a bedroom, dressing room, nursery or study.

The peculiar geometry of the attic room is fraught with special charm. This is space for original design experiments. And the roof with skylights facing it can become a real work of art.

In addition, the word “attic” emanates French charm and bohemianism. Imagine with what pleasure you will tell your friends: “We are building a house with an attic!”

With bay window

An architectural projection with windows – a bay window – was invented a very long time ago and for a purely utilitarian purpose. In a medieval fortress, it allowed archers to see the enemy better and aim at him more conveniently.

The wars of knights are a thing of the distant past, but the bay window still serves us. It increases the area of ​​the room and improves its illumination, which is especially valuable in northern latitudes.

In addition, the bay window has long turned into an elegant decoration of the facade. Having chosen the original design of a one-story house with a bay window, you probably will not regret it.

With terrace

If you want to enjoy life in a private home to the fullest, choose a project with a terrace. It will allow you to comfortably be in the fresh air at any time and protect you from the burning sun or drizzling rain. The open terrace is a rest and relaxation area. It’s nice to sit here with a book or a cup of tea, inhaling the aromas of a blooming garden.

A one-story house with a terrace surrounding the entire perimeter of the building looks beautiful and unusual. But do not forget that even an open terrace can darken the room. Therefore, its location needs to be carefully considered.

With garage

Nowadays, a car has become an integral part of life for many. Therefore, one-story houses are increasingly being designed with a built-in garage.

Such an extension saves not only the area of ​​the site, but also your money. After all, the walls and roof of the garage will be common with the main building. It is easier and cheaper to install heating and other communications here.

Make sure that the garage has direct access to the house. Then in bad weather you won’t have to run to your car in the rain.

The built-in garage has additional advantages. A gym, a workshop and even a sauna are often set up here.

With large windows

Panoramic French glazing looks very impressive both from the outside and from the inside. Large windows provide much more light and turn the surrounding landscape into part of the interior of the living space. When developing your project for a beautiful one-story house, you can place panoramic windows in any of the rooms: the bedroom, living room, kitchen.

It is worth considering that a house with huge windows will be good in picturesque countryside spaces, where there are no other buildings nearby. In the city or on a small summer cottage, neighboring houses are crowded so close to each other that you risk feeling like you are in an aquarium. To protect your privacy, you will have to live behind drawn curtains, and all the effect of the magnificent windows will be lost.

Flat roof

Modern one-story houses with a flat roof came to us from Western countries with warm climates. This is a completely new attitude to space. The stylish, laconic design surprises with its versatility. After all, a flat roof turns into a blooming garden or green lawn, a sports ground, a recreation area – and even a swimming pool!

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