Design of a house hallway: 68 ideas

The hallway is one of the most important rooms in the house because from the first steps, it immerses us in the atmosphere of the home. However, when renovating this room, little attention is often paid: they say that the bedroom, living room, or kitchen are much more important.

Let’s break stereotypes.

Today we’ll talk about how to create the design of a magnificent hallway in a private house so that it matches the overall atmosphere, surprises guests, and delights the owners. And look at beautiful photos for inspiration.

Design of an entrance hall in a private house with a staircase

When you start arranging your hallway, remember that this room is as important as the rest of your home. It should be as ergonomic as possible and not look cluttered. Match the style of the house, but not be pretentious.

The design of the hallway in a house with a staircase will be harmonious and stylish if you add functionality to the room. Since the staircase takes up a lot of space and immediately attracts the attention of those entering, bulky cabinets and furniture sets are clearly unnecessary here.

The question arises: “Where should I put my outerwear?”

Everything is very simple! Equip the functional space under the stairs to your liking, and the room will sparkle with new colors!

The maximum that can be placed in a hallway with a staircase is a pouf for sitting. It will be more convenient to change shoes with it.

Design of a small hallway in a private house – options in the photo

If your hallway was originally designed to be cramped and uncomfortable, don’t despair. With the help of a few design tricks you can make it quite beautiful and ergonomic.

Technique one: “Mirrors”

Not everyone will like mirrored walls from ceiling to floor. However, in conditions of a small hallway, they can create the effect of significantly expanding the space. Hang mirrors so that light is reflected in them, and visually there will be more space in your hallway.

Technique two: “Glossy surfaces”

Decorating the walls in light colors and furnishings using glossy surfaces eliminates the feeling of lack of space. Remember that the color scheme of the entrance room should be harmonious, and the furniture should match the overall style of the house.

Technique three: “Built-in niches”

Pull-out shelves, built-in wardrobes, and sliding doors will help get rid of the cluttered effect of a small hallway.

Technique four: “Spotlighting”

A small hallway in a private house should be well-lit. In addition to the central chandelier, we recommend illuminating dark areas using spot illumination. This technique will allow you, firstly, to adjust the lighting depending on the time of day, and secondly, it will visually expand the space with a small square footage.

Large entrance hall in a private house: design and layout options in the photo

It would seem that you can take a walk here! However, do not rush to fill a large hallway with unnecessary decorative elements and bulky furniture.

Since you are lucky with the square footage of the hallway, try to maintain a feeling of spaciousness and remember ergonomics.

Poufs for sitting, a laconic wardrobe for outerwear, and a full-length mirror – these are the three necessary elements in any hallway, even a very spacious one.

If it seems to you that a large space is simply empty, place a small round table with a stylish flowerpot directly opposite the front door. This will immediately involve guests in an atmosphere of comfort and give a hint of the host’s hospitality.

Veranda-hallway in a private house: design, photo ideas

If your home has a covered veranda, it can also be used as a hallway. To do this, visually divide the space into two. At the front door, place a wardrobe for outerwear, a laconic pouf and shelves for shoes. Separate this area with a sofa, a wicker chair or a floor structure in the form of shelves, and voila – a stylish place for relaxation and evening gatherings by the window is ready!

Design of an entrance hall-living room in a private house

The hallway, smoothly flowing into the living room, has its own characteristics. It should not draw attention to itself, since the first and main thing that the person entering sees is the living room.

Equip the hallway-living room in unpretentious pastel colors, equip it with a stylish minimalist wardrobe and focus on bright color accents in the living room area. Then, having fulfilled its main functions, the entrance room will not interfere with the perception of the living room and the entire house as a whole.

As you have already seen, stylish design of a hallway in a private house is a simple matter. The main thing is to clearly understand what exactly you want it to be. Remember, the hallway is the calling card of your home. Create an interior wisely, with inspiration, and don’t forget about individuality. Only then will the entrance room please the eyes of not only guests, but also the owners of the house!

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