How to organize bedroom storage for two: 8 life hacks

Recently, a bedroom interior was, planned for the interests of a conditional young couple: Margarita and Konstantin. As planned, he is a radio financier, and she is a former insurance agent. Margarita is interested in art and runs her fashion blog. Konstantin loves music and always structures everything, including at home. 

Designer Sofia worked on the area for a couple with different hobbies together with guest designer Anna. We asked them to go into more detail about how to design and organize storage in the bedroom, taking into account the interests of the two.

About taking into account interests, individuality, and beauty

1. Color in the interior

Anna is sure that both of them should like the color of the bedroom. Feeling comfortable in space is the most important thing. And whether the walls will be light gray or dark blue in the room is a matter of taste. The most popular technique in the designer’s interiors is the medium-toned walls and active, interesting wallpaper behind the headboard. Such an accent is out of a constant field of vision and does not bother.

2. Furniture

If a couple does not have the same taste in furniture, then you can stop at the basic models, without bright details. Just like the designer did for her characters, or choose compromise solutions.

3. Lighting

When planning lighting, according to Anna, several scenarios need to be taken into account: the main ceiling, side, and chamber. For example, the side would be optimal for reading before bed. Just place a wall lamp next to each bed, and then you don’t have to sacrifice your hobby and interfere with your partner’s sleep.

In order to make it comfortable for two to watch a movie in the evening or get up in the middle of the night, the designer advises laying the backlight behind the cornice on one side of the window – this is the lightest and at the same time practical version of chamber light.

4. Individuality in the interior

Individuality can be expressed in detail. The example of the designer’s heroes shows how Konstantin’s passion for music is reflected in vinyl records – Anna placed them in frames and hung them over the head of the bed. 

Margarita’s love for art can be seen in the designer wallpaper with arches and stucco on the ceiling. However, to reflect hobbies, it is better not to use too “flashy” decoration elements in the bedroom. After all, they are not as easy to change as decor.

About functional and practical storage

5. Storage of men’s and women’s clothing

First of all, Sophia advises decluttering: evaluate what things you no longer wear and what takes up space in your wardrobe. If things are stored in the bedroom, it is convenient to separate them into women’s and men’s, so that no one interferes with each other during the dressing.

For seasonal items, use special textile boxes, for example, from the SKUBB series. And to easily determine whose things are inside, you can use multi-colored containers. For example, put men’s in a black box, women’s in white. Also, each box can be signed with textile markers. 

6. Storage of bed linen and clothes

According to the designer, it is convenient to store bed linen in the immediate vicinity of the bed or in bedside drawers. If there is not much free space, then a bed with a lifting mechanism can be an excellent solution. It will serve as an alternative “wardrobe”: you can put bulky things under it – suitcases or seasonal shoes, seasonal blankets, etc.

In any case, everything is individual. Sofya advises, first of all, to think about your habits and where it will be convenient to store things for you. The designer recommends using the “everything at hand” principle. So you can evaluate whether the storage in the room is logically organized or not.

7. Storage of small items without visual noise

Accessories, jewelry, underwear, and cosmetics are best stored in lockable furniture: wardrobe, chest of drawers, and dressing table. Also use insert boxes, containers, dividers, and special organizers for certain things.

IKEA has a KOMPLEMENT product line that includes these items. All this helps to visually free the open space of the room from unnecessary details and create a sense of order.

8. Beautiful renovation and order for a long time

After a thorough analysis of what kind of space organization is right for you, your things will be in order, Sofia is sure. At the same time, it does not take much time to maintain it.

Regularly review your belongings and get rid of everything that is superfluous. Do not forget that the space around you should adapt to your life, and not vice versa. Everything can change depending on your needs and priorities.

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