Design project in the style of Chanel

In addition to the customer, her teenage daughter and mother live in this two-room apartment. Initially, the mother and daughter lived in a small room, and the grandmother slept in the living room. So that there is a place for everyone, they made redevelopment. The loggia was insulated, soft wall panels were installed in it and a bed was placed for the grandmother. A small room was given to the girl. The large living room was made with a fold-out sofa, which serves as a sleeping place for the hostess.

The customer works for Chanel, so the project was decided to be done in the spirit of this fashion house. This is how the concept of a huge, clean, white space and black contrasting elements was born. To dilute the severity of the style, a lot of greenery and flowers were added to the interior.

You can’t live without mirrors in the fashion industry, so this project also has a lot of them. In the hall there is a huge mirror panel with a secret – one of its parts closes the electrical panel. Mirrors visually expanded the small space of the apartment and filled it with light.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
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