Modern interior with elements of minimalism and functionalism

Feature of the project: the apartment is designed for parents and two schoolchildren of different genders. The light modern interior is built on minimalist techniques and functionalism. 

The project is designed for a young energetic family: thirty-year-old parents and two children 7 and 9 years old. The author designed the interior of the apartment in a modern style  with elements of minimalism and functionalism. The coloristic solution is based on natural color combinations of blue, green apple, wine shades. The technique of decorating the walls and ceiling with wood panels was used.

Every detail here is functionally justified, there are no unnecessary items and decor, which will allow you to change the situation in 5–10 years. Cosiness, tactility and a sense of connection with nature is achieved through the texture of the wood used in the flooring and wall paneling. The largest room is given to children and is divided into two rooms by a partition, so that each child has his own personal space. The elongated proportions of each room will allow you to organize three zones: play, bedroom and study, which is also facilitated by a broken partition.

The parents’ bedroom is located next to the nursery, and a spacious dressing room with an area of ​​3.9 m 2 is allocated on its territory by joining a part of the corridor. The former entrance to the kitchen was laid in order to make a wardrobe built into the niche from the side of the hallway. A new entrance to the kitchen will be made in the load-bearing wall adjacent to the living room, separating it with a sliding door. Another plus of the autonomy of the kitchen from the hallway is the increase in the kitchen front on two sides, which becomes as functional as possible for a large family.

If necessary, the walk-through living room can be isolated due to sliding doors not only from the kitchen side, but also from the hallway side. Given the composition of the family, the bathroom was divided into two separate bathrooms. The color design in the children’s rooms is based on contrasting colors that are attractive to children. In the daughter’s room, the color of green apple is combined with shades of coral, and in the son’s room – a duet of orange and green. In the living room and kitchen, warm walnut tones contrast with sky blue on the walls and curtains.


To give lightness to the space, preference was given to white in a glossy version: almost all cabinet furniture, doors with platbands and skirting boards are made in it. The sky-blue color of the walls becomes a bright accent in the space of the public zone. Such natural natural color combinations are pleasing to the eye and will appeal to most prospective owners. This minimalist aesthetic is characterized by airy objects: a sofa with thin legs, a weightless table, an elegant chandelier.

With a minimum of expressive accents in the decor, wood-like panels create the necessary cozy atmosphere. An inconspicuous but interesting trick is a combination of different veneer textures. On MDF panels, the veneers are matched so that the textures are perpendicular to each other.


The ceiling is sheathed with EcoZvukoIzol soundproofing panels (as in all rooms), and then decorated with walnut veneer to support the wall panels in the living room. For visual integrity, porcelain stoneware imitating walnut wood is used on the apron. On the floor of the kitchen and living room, a single material is used – an engineering board that is stable to changes in humidity and temperature.


In the partition between the rooms of the brother and sister, the designer provided a large window, which, if desired, can be closed with a curtain. This solves the lack of daylight, since there is only one window in the daughter’s room.

An excellent decorating technique in the girl’s room – the wall opposite the window is decorated with a composition of shelves in the form of honeycombs. A sports corner is being installed in the son’s room.


The main decoration of this minimalist interior is wood-effect panels in the wall decoration, which serve as a headboard for a bed consisting only of a frame and a mattress.


The main decoration of this minimalist interior is wood-effect panels in the wall decoration, which serve as a headboard for a bed consisting only of a frame and a mattress.


The rack is made to order in a carpentry workshop and can be made in two versions: budget – using white laminate or more expensive – from MDF painted with a glossy varnish, which will make the product aesthetically attractive.

Strengths of the projectWeaknesses of the project
Good location of private areas in one block.An opening in the load-bearing wall will complicate the coordination of the project.
For a large family there are two separate bathrooms.Weak insolation in the daughter’s room and her absence in the corridor.
Full-fledged children’s rooms with three zones (game, sleep and classes) are planned.The living room will become a walk-through.
Lots of storage space.
Ergonomic kitchen front corner configuration.

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