How to find a place for a dressing room and living room: Proper Layout

Feature of the project: a two-room apartment has been transformed into a space with two bedrooms, a single living room-kitchen, and a large dressing room.

The project is designed for a married couple with two children (1 year and 6 years old). The decoration used a variety of decorative solutions and bold combinations of materials, giving the interior originality.

Due to the reduction of the bedroom area and the transfer of the entrance opening to another wall, it will be possible to equip a small living room, combining it with a kitchen, in which a working and dining area will be allocated. Having reduced the kitchen area by 4.8 m², the author of the project plans to organize a rather spacious dressing room.

The guest bathroom at the entrance will be expanded due to the corridor – such a solution will allow the integration of a shower, a corner toilet, and a compact sink. As a result, the apartment will have another full bathroom. For the nursery, it is proposed to allocate the largest room in terms of area and conditionally (with the help of the Swedish wall and the ledge of the cabinet) divide it into two zones. In the first one, a bedroom will be arranged with two sofas, one of which will be spare (for the grandparents who spent the night, the grown-up second child). The second part of the room will be equipped with a playroom and a storage system will be built in, and a place for a baby’s crib will be provided here.

Hexagonal floor and wall tiles in two different designs will be combined with gray microcement on the walls, enlivening the detailed interior. 

To give the interior of the apartment a somewhat casual look, the surface of the concrete walls in the hallway, living room, and bathrooms is supposed to be fragmentarily cleaned and then coated with a primer and varnish. Part of the walls is tiled with brick tiles. Ceilings in all rooms, with the exception of bathrooms, will be sewn up with plasterboard and finished with decorative plaster imitating concrete. Harsh concrete and brick surfaces will be softened by frescoes with wall paintings, a photo panel, an openwork metal panel with a backlight, an elegant kitchen apron made of glass with photo printing, as well as a figured headboard. A variety of decorative solutions will be shaded by a neutral gray-beige range interspersed with bright accents and black details. The unifying elements of all rooms will be wide polyurethane relief cornices and high skirting boards (300 mm).   

Living room

The living area is formed by a sofa upholstered in linen color and a storage system around the TV: it consists of several elements made of the same material (solid wood) according to the sketches of the author of the project, with geometric inclusions with bright accents. An openwork panel made of brushed steel with LED lighting will highlight the sofa group in the space of a representative room.  


A floor tile path separates the working part of the kitchen from the dining and living areas. A table with a seemingly fragile, but at the same time strong metal support and light chairs will fit into a compact dining area. Walls painted in light shades will visually increase the volume of the room, and high black glass doors will optically raise the ceiling. 


The “aged” facades of the built-in wardrobe will be in harmony with the gray walls and floor tiles. 


The wall that unites the bedroom and the playroom is proposed to be decorated as a brick with decorative silhouettes of trees and LED lighting hidden behind them. The play area will be complemented by a multifunctional storage system with a niche in the central part, where poufs will slide in. “Dusty” shades of swamp and mustard, combined with yellow-orange, will remain relevant for a few years when the children grow up.

The nursery will turn into a cozy and cheerful oasis for games, sports and recreation, where a photo panel with a cheerful flying cow will organically fit in 


In the parents’ room, classic elements – a figured headboard surrounded by frescoes, a chest of drawers with bug-eaten facades, and wide polyurethane cornices – will be combined with high-tech lamps, “dilapidated” brickwork and a “concrete” ceiling. On the one hand, such details will help create a lofty atmosphere, and on the other hand, they will give the room coziness.

Guest bathroom

The design of the premises is proposed to be built on a combination of “loft” gray and classic light beige surfaces with white ultra-modern 


The room is decided on the contrast of stylish gray-black tones and warm surfaces imitating wood (the installation box and the bath screen are tiled with wood-like tiles). The mirror, which will occupy a niche from the shelf to the ceiling, will expand the space, neutralizing the property of dark surfaces to impair lighting. 

Strengths of the projectWeaknesses of the project
A two-room apartment has been redesigned into a dwelling with two bedrooms and a single living room and kitchen.Moving and dismantling the walls will complicate the coordination.
There are two full bathrooms.The bedroom is small in size.
Equipped with a dressing room, allocated space for a washing machine.From the kitchen, there is an entrance to the bedroom.
The largest room in terms of area is reserved for the nursery, where areas for classes, sleep, and games are created and a sports complex is installed.Time-consuming and costly finishing of ceilings and walls.
The partition next to the recreation area will make it difficult to approach the nursery.

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