12 best small storage ideas

The kitchen and bedroom in a small apartment rarely boast of having free space. This is fraught with the fact that there is simply nowhere to store most things. We tell you what life hacks will help to solve this problem.


1. You can put a lot of things inside small cabinets, including a trash can.

2. Paper “reminders” or measuring spoons can be hung on the inside of cabinet doors.

3. In a small kitchen, it is advisable to provide shelves on the refrigerator – make them yourself or order on the Internet.

4. A convenient organizer will allow you to correctly package vegetables in sections.

5. This way of storing canned food and cereals will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen and make life easier.

6. You can store more small things in corner drawers than you think.


1. Instead of a stand-alone rack or narrow shelves, it is better to organize such storage of small items.

2. Books and magazines can be held at arm’s length.

3. Modular system with small hanging cabinets will help you to place a lot of necessary gizmos.

4. Not everyone likes jewelry boxes and boxes, so accessories can be put in a drawer with an organizer.

5. Dressers and bedside tables will take up too much space in a mini bedroom, so this option on wheels is best.

6. Tablet, TV remote, smartphone, or glasses can be conveniently stored in an inconspicuous bedside pocket.

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