How to create a trendy dining room?

It’s nice that bright kitchens and dining rooms are coming back into fashion. Dazzling white or milky cream walls and light gray granite or parquet flooring are the perfect setting for large, rich wood furniture. This combination creates the right balance of heat and light in the room.

When placing a dining table in the middle of the room, it should be borne in mind that at least 1.2 m should remain from the edges of the table to the walls or furniture – this will allow guests to get comfortable. A great option for deployment is next to a window or in a bay window. A lamp suspended above the table will additionally emphasize the zoning, and a wall mirror opposite the window will double the natural light. The central item in the dining area is the table. It sets the rhythm of the space and determines how comfortable the meal will be. For a compact room, a round sample is well suited – it will save space, and the absence of sharp corners will come in handy in a small area. The Avalon model presented in Crate and Barrel will be the ideal solution. A classic rectangular table will fit perfectly into a large-scale room – you should pay attention to our Parsons model. Its feature is interchangeable tabletops (8 options), as well as 5 versions of the base. Depending on the design of the kitchen-dining room, you can choose a top made of clear or gray glass, concrete, marble or wood, while the support can be made of dark steel, elmwood, or zinc.

A new trend is eco-furniture made from recycled materials. This approach allows us to combine the seemingly incompatible: love for natural materials and respect for the environment. An example is the Paloma collection. The base of the table impresses with its expressive shape, hand-assembled from recycled feather wood taken from end-of-life Brazilian houses. The wood for the countertop is also recyclable, and found in Australia. Each copy of the collection has a unique, inimitable texture, each table, chest of drawers or bench has its own soul and history.»

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