Wallpaper: how to buy and how to hang

Wallpaper is a popular material for wall decor. Some tips will not interfere with those who decide to decorate their room with them on their own.

If the wallpaper requires adjustment according to the pattern, their consumption increases. Sometimes a regular fit is needed, sometimes an offset fit, and sometimes each next strip needs to be rotated 180°. There are always corresponding badges on the packaging. Contact the seller: he will help you sort them out, and at the same time calculate the expense. Make sure that all rolls prepared for each room are of the same series, as the shade of different series may vary. It will be difficult to exchange opened rolls.

How many rolls do you need? 

The calculation consists of four steps:

1. Determine the perimeter of the room minus doors and windows
2. Divide this number by the width of the roll: this is how you will find out the required number of sheets
3. Dividing the length of the roll by the height of the ceiling (plus 4-6 cm), find out how many sheets you get from one roll
4. Divide the number of sheets from point 2 by the number of sheets from point 3. Here it is, the desired number of rolls!

How to hang?

Together with the wallpaper, it is advisable to buy a special glue suitable for this type. All-purpose adhesive, for example, is not so versatile: it will not work on vinyl. If the walls have already been covered with wallpaper, remove them: often it is enough to pry with a spatula and pull over the edge.  If the old wallpaper do not move away from the wall – wet them with a sponge with warm water and detergent. In extreme cases, use a special liquid. In two-layer wallpaper, the top layer easily leaves, and the bottom one will become an excellent substrate for new ones. When wallpaper is hanged for the first time (in a new building), it is better to apply a primer layer on the surface, and stick special paper on top (available in rolls).

The surface must be clean and dry. If you are dealing with plaster or concrete, do an experiment: stick a piece of plastic wrap to the wall and leave it overnight. Is there condensation under it? So, it is impossible to do the job, it needs to dry.

The canvases are placed in the same sequence in which they were cut off from the roll. It’s a good idea to number them and mark the top. When cutting, 3-4 cm are added to the length from above and below. Absolutely straight angles are rarely found in our houses. Therefore, the first sheet of wallpaper on each wall should be aligned with the ceiling.

One last piece of advice: despite its seeming simplicity, wallpaper hanging require skills and qualifications. Entrust it to professionals: they know the properties of different types.

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