How to live more comfortably in a small apartment: 7 ideas

Our well-being, sense of well-being, and comfort are influenced by many factors, not the least of which are the features of the spaces in which we live: from the amount of daylight in the rooms to their layout. We cannot always make the interior perfect, but we can pay attention to important points when choosing a home or renovating an apartment. This primarily applies to small apartments, where every centimeter should be thought out.

1 Air and natural light

Large windows are a big plus for any apartment, especially a compact one. The space with them increases visually, it seems freer. Windows provide access to both natural light and fresh air, which directly affects our well-being, as well as linking the inside and outside of the architectural object. These openings must be properly sized and positioned based on the path of the sun and the natural ventilation at that location. If the windows are not the strength of the apartment, it is worth increasing the amount of light by wisely using the color palette and mirror surfaces, as well as thinking about ventilation and air purification systems.

2 Light palette

Light colors can not only cheer up but also literally transform the interior, creating a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Don’t stop with light-colored wall paint, use light-colored furniture and textiles as well. The interior will not look boring if you play on the difference in textures and bring in interesting details: contrasting graphic elements or a little shine.

3 Warm materials

While cool and light tones can enhance the feeling of comfort by making a space appear larger, warmer hues and textures that are pleasant to the touch in materials such as wood, fabric, and ceramics work differently: they help to add coziness to a room without even making it visually larger than it is. They convey a sense of authenticity, and work to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. And besides, they will not lose their relevance in a couple of seasons.

4 Multifunctional furniture

In small apartments, where free space is worth its weight in gold, flexibility plays a key role. Staircases with hidden storage spaces, folding tables, beds with built-in drawers, and furniture on wheels are just some examples of common solutions for optimizing space by combining several functions in one element.

 Live plants

Biophilia has been one of the main trends for several years now: tired of a completely urbanized environment, we are striving to satisfy the need to communicate with wildlife. After all, biophilic design has a positive effect on well-being – from reducing stress to increasing the speed of learning. It is not difficult to bring a particle of nature into your life: there is a place for a couple of flower pots in any room. If there is nowhere to put flowers, designers advise paying attention to hanging planters and vertical flower stands.

6 High ceilings

Rooms with high ceilings not only allow for better use of space by creating mezzanines and taller cabinets but also promote internal ventilation through the chimney effect. Of course, it will not work to increase the height of the ceiling in an existing apartment, but this point should be taken into account if you are only choosing housing or repairing an attic in a private house.

7 Mobile and lightweight partitions

Sometimes in small apartments, it is better to abandon the rigid division of space into rooms. Mobile and lightweight partitions, such as curtains, panels, screens, or other similar elements, will help to flexibly zone the room. When they are fully open, you have a light and free space at your disposal, which is easy to transform. And when closed, such partitions take up less space compared to brick walls or plasterboard panels.

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