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5 easy ways to update your interior

Even the most successful interior wants to be renewed from time to time – this is how a person is arranged. At the same time, you do not need to change the furniture, it is sometimes enough to focus on the details in order to breathe new life into the atmosphere.

Live plants

The world is gripped by biophilia, residents of megalopolises are filling their apartments with houseplants, especially after they have experienced lockdown. Flowers are not only a means of bringing nature closer and purifying the air but also a powerful decorative accent. Even one flower, large enough, will transform an apartment, let alone a group of plants. It is better to keep them close: this way the expressive effect is stronger, and the flowers feel more comfortable. To maintain a “greenhouse”, you do not need to become an agronomist, it is enough to choose unpretentious specimens: spathiphyllum, chlorophytum, aloe, all sorts of ficus, dracaena, bastard – suitable options. A decorative bonus – pots. Models made of natural clay are good, on which a kind of patina forms over time. It’s also a good idea to paint the containers white. 

New lamp

Nothing changes the perception of an interior like replacing a lamp, especially when it comes to a central chandelier. It’s not just its shape or style, but above all the light it creates. Perhaps it’s time to replace the crystal cascade with something more relevant? There are quite a few designer pieces out there that don’t cost a fortune. A new table lamp or floor lamp are also great options to add variety to lighting scenarios. Sometimes it is enough to replace the light source, that is, the light bulb itself, from a cold glow to a relaxing warm one, with a color temperature of about 3200 K. The difference is especially noticeable in winter when the lamps are on even during the day.


The carpet has become a fashionable piece of furniture. The largest painting in the interior, as the decorators call it, it connects the disparate colors in the room, or vice versa sets the palette. It is clear that a good designer model made of wool and/or silk costs a lot. However, it will be a good investment of money and a “long-term” means of renewal. After all, by the summer, the carpet can be removed and thereby again achieve the desired novelty. Budget option: purchase a model of small size, but of an unusual, asymmetrical shape, such as are in vogue today. The natural fiber mat: jute, sisal, hemp, as well as lint-free kilim will delight the eye.


Sometimes a couple of vases are enough for the eye to capture the novelty. Ceramics are relevant, but experts recommend paying attention to models made of transparent glass: they do not clutter up the interior, at the same time they carry color. Glass plays with lights and casts glare in the rays of chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces, reminiscent of decorations on a Christmas tree: the feeling of celebration and warmth is especially valuable in winter. As good as colored glass vases are, their quantity is worth dispensing. Colorless glass is safer: “ice” still life will refresh the interior.

Decorative pillows

About fifteen years ago, a famous decorator said: “A sofa without pillows is indecent.” Today, the attitude towards these decorative elements is more restrained: they are not necessary, and sometimes even unnecessary. However, we must admit: decorative pillows are an effective and affordable way to quickly update the interior. The relatively low cost will allow you to practice decorating skills without fear. Combine bright contrasting colors, or, on the contrary, experiment with nuanced shades, or create a composition in one color, but different textures, combining velvet, wild silk, leather, linen, cotton. A win-win technique – black and white geometry: stripes, cells, zigzags, large and small circles easily get along with each other.

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