How to get Red Dot award: 5 Tips

Don’t be afraid and be productive At the initial stage, the most difficult thing is to cast aside all doubts about your talent and not look back at those who already have the coveted rewards in store. It is difficult to break this barrier, but in order to receive recognition, one must become courageous. Be patient – it can take time and years of fruitful work on form, function, materials and aesthetics to create a masterpiece. From this very large critical review, you need to choose exactly what will become a new word in design. 

Choosing the right nomination Red Dot is a vast set of completely different nominations and it is important to choose the right one in which of them you can become more noticeable. What do they get Red Dot for? Not just beautiful, but conceptual and high-quality made things are valued. Among the nominations there are more socially engaged topics, there are fewer works and, accordingly, more chances of winning. 

Hit right on target One brilliant idea is not enough, it must be presented correctly. Abstract, artistic presentation, acceptable for architectural competitions, not about Red Dot. Product design is no less an exact science than mathematics. Here the task of the designer is to offer a very specific form factor, and not convey a mood or make promises. As a rule, works on Red Dot are submitted against a light or white background. The background should not distract attention from the essence of the idea, and the volume, level of detail and photorealism of the presentation should be close to ideal.

Tip for designers who decide to try their hand at Red Dot – look at the work of past years. Scrolling through the annuals of recent years, one can draw certain conclusions. They will not be fundamentally significant, but will allow some clarity. And remember, the success of product design is in the details.

Accumulating Ideas Entries for Red Dot must be conceptual and unique. Expand your horizons, analyze the work of the winners and look around. Perhaps some simple but well-loved uniform has yet to be awarded the Red Dot.

At the peak of popularity, aesthetics on the verge of technology. Now at Red Dot, a comfortable personalized environment is important. Comfortable today is one that does not attract undue attention, does not consume energy, a simple and concise form that changes life for the better. In addition to innovation, Red Dot is a story of beautifully presented ideas, a point of crystallization of relevant, but still not visualized solutions.

Objectively assess yourself And, finally, you can not be guided only by your own opinion. Having your own worldview and philosophy is important, but sometimes what you think is super-original, a professional critic can underestimate by objective criteria. In this case, it is worth considering whether this work is so brilliant. Listen to yourself, but be open to criticism. Your hunch can be either totally wrong or a new form of success.

And do not forget, participation in Red Dot is paid. Participants should prepare not only conceptually, but also financially. Each stage is paid separately and it is cheaper to apply early. 

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