White Kitchen Interior Design Tips and 70 Stunning Examples

We tell you how to combine shades and textures in a white kitchen, choose a furniture set and decorate the interior.

In the photos, the white kitchen interior looks very impressive! And this is not surprising: a noble color is always relevant. So that over time the design does not become outdated, you need to choose the right furniture and finishes. Let’s figure out how to do it.

White kitchen design features

It may surprise you, but from a practical point of view, a light color scheme is one of the best solutions. And that’s why:

  • Even good water filters do not always cope with lime. Therefore, on the dark coating of the sink and countertop, you can often find stains from drops – this is the same limescale. But on light ones, it is not visible, even if it is.
  • If the room is small, this design will make it visually larger. What is especially true in typical apartments, if the standard layout is preserved? And light furniture does not weigh down the interior, so it looks lighter.
  • White adds light and reflects it, so even with a lack of lighting, the room will not be dark.
  • Despite the fact that this is the traditional color of the Scandi style, it is suitable for both classic interiors and modern ones – it allows you to realize any idea.
  • If you get tired of one tone, you can easily change the design by adding only color accents. No major repairs are needed.
  • Light surfaces look more expensive, even if inexpensive materials are used.

There are not so many downsides to this. The main question is: how bright are the surfaces? In fact, no more than colored ones. But a lot depends on the materials chosen. They should be given special attention.

Also, sometimes the design looks too flat. This means that there is no difference in textures, a mistake was made in the choice of furniture and decoration. But more on that below.

Choosing the right shade of white

The first and most obvious option is to make the space monochrome. This means that white will be everywhere: in the decoration of walls and floors, in an array of furniture sets and countertops. So that everything does not turn into a single gamut, you need to choose the right textures. The highlight will be the difference in materials. For example, laminate or tile – on the floor, wood or gloss – in the headset, and stone – on the countertop.

What is important to consider? Hue. Yes, it doesn’t have to be the same titanium white. Like any other color, white has warm and cold tones. And sunlight will help you choose the right one.

  • If the kitchen faces the sunny side, you can safely take cold shades, with a gray undertone, an admixture of blue or green. Natural light will soften them.
  • If the sun is not enough, it is better to choose warm colors: champagne, ivory, with a drop of warm ocher. Then the room will not seem dull and cold.

The second version of the palette is with the addition of color. It is believed that white is combined with the whole gamut. Therefore, bet on your favorite colors: calmer pastels or bright ones. Both of them, when properly distributed, will look great.

If you use three colors, follow the 60-30-10 rule. In this case, 60% of the space should be occupied by the lightest color, 30% by the selected additional, and 10% by accents. It can be accessories, textiles, and decor.

Take on a Scandinavian-style chip: a light base goes well with natural materials, whether it be wood or stone.

Materials and finishes

So that the kitchen in white does not disappoint you, pay special attention to the finish.


Everything is very simple here. The best solution is a plain matte finish. It can be both paint and drywall and a suspension system. The main thing is to do without gloss and multi-level structures. Both look at least out of date.

However, if the area of ​​the room allows, you can decorate the top with stucco, wooden beams, and other decorative elements – it all depends on the style. This also includes color options for the ceiling. But in this case, you need to represent the design you are striving for. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a very controversial result.


Since this is a room with a very aggressive environment, the floor covering must be highly durable. Porcelain tile is a good choice as it can also withstand impact, tile, and laminate. Linoleum is also suitable. Modern models look very dignified even in neoclassical interiors.


Similar requirements for wall coverings. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to wash them with soapy water since grease and soot will one way or another settle on all surfaces.

If you prefer paint then acrylic, silicone, or latex will do. Which one to choose? Depends on the budget.

If you want to add wallpaper then washable models are suitable. It can be acrylic, non-woven, glass, or vinyl wallpaper. Some of them are very difficult to mount on your own, and you will need the help of a specialist.

Furniture and decor


A white matte kitchen is ideal as a headset. And in any style. Both neoclassical paneled wooden doors and more versatile Scandinavian models look great.

Glossy surfaces are best chosen in a minimalist style, and rather in artificial materials. But get ready for the fact that all smudges and fingerprints will be visible on the glossy door.

The shape of the headset can be any. It is better to focus on the area of ​​the room and the ergonomics of the space.

  • The best choice for a small room is a corner set. In this case, the rule of the working triangle is perfectly observed. If there is no place for a dining table, then you can add a set of bar counters.
  • If the area allows, feel free to take a U-shaped layout. In a private house, the form with a kitchen island has proven itself well. This, by the way, is especially true if you like the style of American classics.


A classic tile is suitable as an apron finish. Want to add color? You can choose a patchwork-style cover. Or, for example, handmade tiles – an exquisite option for any style.

If you decide on a monochrome design, pay attention to the “brick like” that is fashionable today. But we suggest trying different options for laying it: not only classic in a line or with an offset, but, for example, in a herringbone pattern or, in general, vertically.

Tired of the “bricks”? Look at the rhombuses. Of these, you can create an unusual “volumetric cube” styling, and play with shades, creating a truly 3D effect.

Another popular tile shape today is scaling. It looks best in classic styling – vertically.

An alternative to ceramics is an apron made of real wood or its equivalent in the form of the same tile with a corresponding pattern. This is the same case of a wonderful combination of light colors and wood on the countertop and backsplash. Although the countertop can be stone.

Decor and accents

The interior of a white kitchen cannot do without accents. If this is a monochrome solution, then the texture will become an accent. For example, the same apron made of tiles is laid out in a non-standard way.

Another option is furniture or rather a dining group. It is absolutely not necessary to highlight it with color. In some cases, it is enough to choose interesting models of tables and chairs. How can anyone not notice a tulip table or Eames chairs?

The classic accent is a bright wall. Use a picture or wallpaper. By the way, this is a good technique for small spaces.

Because pale colors are friendly to natural surfaces, flowers, both fresh and cut, can help freshen up any space.

In general, the choice of decor and textiles depends entirely on the style of the interior. Classics and Provence will require draperies, heavy fabrics, and an abundance of details. For example, beautiful porcelain sets or figurines. Scandinavian has more laconic paintings, posters, and perhaps some jewelry on the shelves. But in minimalist aesthetics, there is practically no decor, here the accent is created by surfaces and texture.


An artificial lighting system will help improve or even adjust any layout. And the white kitchen is no exception. Moreover, this range “loves” the light.

  • Use more than one light source. A chandelier will be the main one and sconces on the walls, illumination of the work surface, and upper cabinets will be additional.
  • If there is a dining group, the surest solution is to hang a chandelier over it. Another option is above the bar. Moreover, there can be either one large chandelier or a group of two or three shades.
  • Warm soft light is optimal for use in the dining area, but in the working area, you can use a colder backlight.

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