Amazing tiny apartment design for student

Designer Ekaterina designed a small apartment in the residential complex. Stylistically, the space resembles the interior of a cabin on a good yacht, and the functional content would allow even a whole family to be accommodated here.

“The customer of this project is the mother of the future owner of the apartment – a student of University. The designer says. “She turned to me after the publication of one of my small apartments and asked me to apply similar principles in the decoration and layout. At the stage of project development, the owner of the apartment also joined, so we can say that there were two customers. One was more interested in the budget, and the other – in the functionality, but the proposed 3D visualizations were approved unanimously. “

The apartment was rented in the white box finish – this is a significant advantage if the customer wants to quickly and inexpensively make repairs without changing the planning decision of the developer. But this is also a drawback: the provided finish most often has to be changed, and the electrics are dragged according to the new plan. “In small apartments, great success is the presence of at least two windows. — Says the author of the project. “So, in this apartment, thanks to the windows, we managed to highlight the functional areas, visually separating the bedroom from the kitchen-living room. And the high three-meter ceilings helped to create an airy interior. “

In order to speed up the repair process, the contour of the bathroom and the location of the kitchen were not changed, the designer only adjusted the distribution of the area between the storage and the wet area, sewing a hidden cabinet into the contour of the bathroom. The remaining living space is divided into two parts by means of a bed-working area installed on the podium. The bed is separated by perforated partitions from the living room area, which creates a feeling of a change in space and there are various scenarios of life. The kitchen area is visually separated from the living room by a bar counter. The designer tried to round all the corners in the apartment, which is why the zoning turned out to be smooth and harmonious – one space seems to flow into another.

The main idea of the project is to provide the owner with a comfortable life in the new space, and not only to make the interior functional but also to create a pleasant atmosphere. “I created the project during a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea, so I did not have any other palette, except for blue. Catherine recalls. — In general, I believe that the most beautiful palettes are born in nature – in the forest and by the sea. From here, the idea was born to decorate an apartment in the style of a cabin on a good yacht: I only rethought this concept in a younger and more democratic interior. The colors of the sea, the ripples of the water, which are imitated by the facades, the rays of the sun passing through partitions and blinds, rounded shapes, and natural materials – all this creates a relaxed atmosphere of rest in the interior. “

“I love the trace element very much and use it on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and in wet rooms, I cover it with a special varnish. This creates a purity effect. The basis of all my small apartments is joinery, made clear in the ceiling according to the specified dimensions. I supplemented the rest with furniture from Danish brands. All joinery is painted with enamel in the tone of the walls. The light I always recommend buying high-quality, European, original. It is better to create fewer light scenarios, but choose items with more interesting designs and functionality. Here I was lucky – the customers shared this philosophy, and the space was decorated with a huge ergonomic lamp that illuminates the living room, the dining area, and even the working area. “

“I am proud of my ability to work with small spaces and never regret anything in the implementation process. Probably, this skill came from working with constant restrictions – there is no budget, time, area, understanding, and so on. And the more restrictions, the better the brain works. The small space of this apartment is used as much as possible: a bed with a storage function, a podium with drawers, a sofa on which you can sleep without unfolding it, and the kitchen is a full functionality acceptable for the life of a whole family. All solutions are not only aesthetically verified, but are also a practical addition to each of the zones.”

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