Minimalistic apartment for a young family with a restrained color scheme

Designer Alena Pautova designed a stylish interior of an apartment with an area of 100 square meters. The customer, a young family, turned to the author of the project with a request to decorate the space in a restrained color scheme and a style of minimalism. The customers have a little daughter, so their main wish was the design the children’s room in light colors.

“One of the advantages of this apartment was the ceiling height – almost 3.3 meters,” the designer recalls. “This made it possible to maintain sufficiently high ceilings, despite the use of a supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning system in the apartment. The disadvantage is a load-bearing wall in the center of the previously proposed living room. We did not carry out a global redevelopment. The rooms were defined by two load-bearing walls and the arrangement of windows. The main task for us was to create a stylish, concise interior while providing enough storage space. And it was important that these places did not overload the room. “

“The wall in the living room, on which the TV hangs, is load-bearing. It was important to use this wall so that it did not seem too massive. To do this, we made the TV area visually multi-level, and glossy porcelain stoneware was used to give greater ease of design. There is also a wardrobe and an open rack. The brightest accent in the living room is a red armchair made of genuine leather, which contrasts against the background of a light sofa and the restrained tones of the room. “

The kitchen and dining area are made in a pleasant combination of shades of warm wood cabinets and floor and the cold gray color of the kitchen set. The centerpiece of the dining area is a large table on massive legs with a ceramic countertop. “The kitchen is combined with a “relaxation” zone,” says the author of the project. – In a cozy chair you can see off sunsets with a glass of wine. In addition, in this area we placed a workplace in the form of a modern secretaire. When closed, the secretary becomes part of the geometry of the room.”

“Customers wanted to see the bedroom in muted purple and beige tones. We chose two colors close in tone. In contrast to the overall color scheme, carpet, curtains, and bed linen were selected. The customer asked to install a small dressing table here, which we tried to integrate as much as possible into the interior so that it does not stand out. Harmoniously fit into the space and mirror with illumination. Customers really wanted to give a separate room under the dressing room, so as not to overload the bedroom with wardrobes. As a result, the dressing room turned out to be small, but quite roomy. “

“We made the children’s room, as planned, bright, with a slight hint of gender. To do this, a dusty purple-gray color of the walls was chosen, complemented by a rug with a short pile, which occupied the space from a bunk bed to a wardrobe, and contrasting curtains. “

“The apartment has two places to take water procedures. The main thing is a shower room, decorated at the request of customers in a dark color. And the second is the bathroom, which also plays the role of a technical room and a laundry room. In addition to the bathroom itself and the toilet with a sink, there is a collector unit, a place for household chemicals, dirty clothes, and an ironing board. A washing machine and a dryer are hidden in the closet. We gave the bathroom the appearance of a SPA space where you can relax and unwind, enjoying the aesthetics of the interior.”

“The hallway has everything you need. Immediately near the front door, there is a cabinet up to the ceiling. Our task was to make sure that it did not stand out in the interior, but fit perfectly into the overall geometry of the apartment, because it is partially visible from the living room. The mirrored canvas of the main cabinet is sliding, and on the left part, there are hinged doors of the shoe cabinet with black handles. Black lines are present throughout the apartment. In addition, in the hallway, there is an ottoman and a small side table. “

“In the project, we used large-format ceramics not only in the bathrooms but also in the living room behind the rack and in the TV area. All the walls in the rooms are given for painting. In the bedroom, 3D plaster panels are partially used behind the headboard. We provided not only the visual accents of the interior but also took into account all the technical aspects. The apartment has a supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning system. In order to avoid grilles in the line of sight, they were placed at the end of the ceiling release. Due to the fact that both the end and the grilles are black, they are not visible at all. The doors in the apartment are flush-mounted with a canvas for painting to the ceiling, without an upper lintel, which perfectly emphasizes and does not overload the geometry of the room. “

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