How to remove limescale with improvised solutions and household chemicals

We talk about eco-friendly products for the fight against limescale and give an overview of effective store products.

We tell you what solutions will return plumbing to its former beauty and extend its service life.

Plaque is formed by calcium and magnesium salts, which are present in any water, including tap water. Their amount usually varies from 10 to 100 mg/l.

Mechanical cleaning of limescale is laborious and often results in scratches and gradual tarnishing of surfaces. It is better to resort to the help of his main enemy – acid.
In the process of interaction with it, calcium and magnesium salts become water-soluble. In other words, plaque turns from solid to loose, which means it is easier to remove.

DIY remedies for removing lime deposits

The Internet is replete with tips on getting rid of this scourge with improvised means, such as lemon juice, which contains acid. But in order to obtain a satisfactory result, it is necessary to act on the contaminated surface for a long time (from 1 to 3 hours). And if you calculate how much lemon juice is required for the ceramic cladding of a bathroom or, say, the walls of a glass shower cabin, the idea seems impossible.

Another DIY remedy for dealing with lime deposits – citric acid – is undesirable to leave it on the surface to be cleaned for a long time.

Acetic acid dissolves potassium and magnesium salts much stronger and faster. And not ordinary food vinegar, but concentrated. Its use is the cheapest way to restore shine and cleanliness to plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. But you need to act carefully and do not forget that this method is not suitable for cleaning plastic surfaces, including acrylic, as well as natural stones, such as marble. 

Professional limescale cleaners

Optimal results are obtained by professional means. In our market, they are represented by many companies, including Frosch, HG, Sodasan, B&B (EasyWork series), First Solution (Zero trademark). It takes a little time to clean up.

The flight is completely gone. And most importantly, after applying most solutions on the surface of objects in contact with water, an invisible film is formed that prevents the deposition of limestone.

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