Pink in the interior: 4 tips, 25 examples

Throughout the history of world design, pink has become a favorite more than once but never before has pink in the interior been as popular as it is now.

“The era of pink is not over,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. She predicts a new round of pink in the interior, already in more complex nuances and combinations: “Pink has gained more energy than ever before.”

Bet on pink . A virtuoso combination of shades is a paramount task. The objects surrounding the focal object actively sound on their own, but it is pink in the interior that enhances the effect of the composition. Today, shades of green are recognized as fashionable companions for the pink palette: jade, olive, aparagus, viridan.

The possibility of transformation is present in a number of color schemes – combinations with pink are no exception. Powdery and muted shades are in harmony with the gray palette, accents on a white background. Here pink plays an important role, but leaves the possibility of updating the soloists of the composition over time.

A textile is a decor option that is most subject to seasonal, fashionable, and collectible changes, of course, provided that the interior is neutral. Background shades of beige – marzipan, “champagne”, sand, and ivory graciously accept contrasting nuances, allowing finishing accents not to be true in an unchanging variation.

Painting the walls (and even the ceiling) pink is a rare and very effective phenomenon in the interior. In such a reception, the dosage is more important than ever. It is important to pay special attention not only to the scale and volume but also to the choice of color. Pink parfait, marshmallow, nectar, apricot blush – manufacturers are generous with the names of bleached and subtle shades. Traditionally female color today has received such a wide range that even the most notorious traditionalists do not read the set of gender myths and prejudices.

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