6 beautiful and practical ideas for storing textiles at home

Containers, additional baskets in the closet, hangers, and rods – we have collected some interesting and beautiful ideas on how to store home textiles.

On hangers

You can conveniently and compactly hang several tablecloths or large towels on ordinary hangers in the closet. So they do not take up much space and will always be in a tidy condition. Choose hangers similar to those on which pants are stored. To prevent the tablecloth from wrinkling, you can hang a sleeve from a roll of wallpaper on the lower crossbar, if one remains after the repair, or wrap it with foam rubber.

On small rods in a box

It is easy to convert empty drawers for storing towels, tablecloths, and other textiles using a rod. Just choose the right size and use it like a hanger. Or, if space permits, arrange several crossbars one below the other. And in a deep drawer or cabinet, you can hang textiles on these rods on hangers – so it will fit even more.

On the shelf

You can use the space under the sink or in any other empty drawer with the help of a bookcase and a couple of containers or baskets. They are ideal for small pot holders, rags, and napkins for cleaning or kitchen towels. To arrange them more compactly, roll the products into rolls. It is more convenient to use transparent containers to see the contents at a glance. If you don’t have them, label each container for clarity.

In the basket

Organizing a place to store towels in a hurry in the bathroom or in the closet in the bedroom will help with ordinary baskets: wicker, metal, or textile. And if you are engaged in needlework, you can not buy it, but knit it yourself. It is essential to choose an accessory whose walls allow air to pass through because the contents must be ventilated. You can put such a basket anywhere – even on the floor if it is large enough. The only thing to be wary of is too humid places since a large amount of water and steam around can provoke the appearance of fungus.

In closed containers

You can also use the mezzanine shelves in the closet for storing textiles. Put a few closed containers in there and put in them everything that you rarely use: extra sets of towels, holiday tablecloths, spare rags, and extra potholders. Thanks to the opaque walls, the contents of the containers will be hidden from view and will not spoil the overall look of the cabinet or dressing room .

In the compartment next to the sink

If the design of your sink involves an additional niche, even a small one, it is very convenient to store the textiles that you need in it—for example, a set of face towels for every day. The main thing is to protect them from excess moisture and splashing water from the tap so they do not become damp.

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