Cara / Davide: showroom of the Canadian brand Moose Knuckles in Milan

Moose Knuckles, a Montreal-based Canadian outerwear label, has announced the opening of a new 900 m2 showroom in Milan. The interiors are designed in collaboration with Milan-based design company Cara/Davide and creative agency Motel409, known for their collaborations with Ermenegildo Zegna, Aquazurra, and Tod’s. Cara / Davide is led by Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica.

Located in the design district of Tortona in Milan, the boutique was inspired by the concept of “neo-nature” – a combination of landscape motifs from the Canadian arctic tundra and the metropolitan tech world. The space is conceived as an exploratory and immersive journey that passes through three key environments illustrating three distinct facets of the brand.

The showroom entrance invites you into a space that represents physical and mental rebirth. The alluring white cube invites you to leave the urban chaos and plunge into the depths of the natural world. From above, the ceiling is covered with almost 100 square meters of LED screens, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Each monitor depicts celestial bodies, involving the visitor in a state of complete immersion in nature. The wall on the opposite side of the waiting area is adorned with the brand’s manifesto with the line “Find your fearless.”

Once inside, visitors walk through a floor-to-ceiling cave made from sustainable materials, giving the space an all-encompassing transition between the man-made and natural realms. The cave gives access to the third and main space, the club. A dynamic and futuristic space, the club area is characterized by a seemingly floating structure made up of hundreds of backlit PVC strips. The one-piece bar that houses the bar is made from four meters of hand-forged steel and resembles a meteorite that has fallen to the ground. Natural wood structures rise to the ceiling, creating the image of a forest. Custom-made furniture created especially for this space is arranged according to the arrangement of metal structures on the floor, giving the impression of shimmering reflective lakes.

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