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Bright apartment of over 200 sq. meters in a new house with large terraces and a beautiful view of the city of Prague was to become a family home where they work, relax, read, watch movies, gather guests, where children play and sleep peacefully.

Large sliding doors help you freely change scenarios. “During the redevelopment, we first separated part of the living room and turned it into an office, a playroom and a guest room,” the architects say. “To transform an overly monumental apartment into a more practical, family-friendly apartment.”

“A good architectural design always includes a well-functioning technical infrastructure: ventilation equipment and switchboards, control devices and remote control. In this regard, interiors in new buildings are always a challenge. Among other things, it is precisely the limitations imposed by the already ready technical infrastructure that must be taken into account, and it is not easy to adapt to them.”

The architects managed to create a truly comfortable environment. Furniture and lighting in it will be gradually supplemented with new items. To cover the floor, the designers chose the Mattonelle Margherita collection from Mutina. A Canoe lamp by Studio Vaye stands out above the kitchen table, while Mobil Mat mobile bedside tables, a masterpiece by Antonio Citterio and Olivier Loew for Kartell, provide convenient storage.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
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