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Living room design with large window: 10 solutions

A large window is a special advantage of a modern interior. The framed landscape behind the glass (urban or natural) can serve as a living work of art and improves the visuality of any project. Whether you choose sliding slider doors with access to the terrace in the penthouse, a French balcony with hinged doors on the floor, or panoramic glazing – such an interior will be flooded with natural light, so the design techniques will be more contrasting and spectacular.

In the design of a modern living room with a large window, the focal point is usually panoramic glazing. In the interior, a perspective is created that invites us to admire the views without being distracted by anything. The design of the window in this case is better to make discreet and minimalistic – roller blinds, and monochromatic options. And, of course, if there is no direct light or bright night lights, it is better not to close a large window. It can become the dominant of the entire interior.

A full-wall window can also be a problem. Too much natural light can prevent you from using the living room during the day to watch TV. In this case, it is not so many decorative curtains that help, such as automatic blinds, which can be mounted both in a country house and in an apartment.

Another disadvantage of such windows is the lack of privacy. You may feel comfortable in a penthouse on the 40th floor, in a country house overlooking the garden, but if the window overlooks a busy street or another nearby house, problems may arise. Then you should think about special reflective glazing (spraying), blinds, and curtains of different types and their combinations.

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