From cramped to chic: A remarkable apartment makeover story

Thanks to the redevelopment and laconic interior solutions, the apartment seems larger than its real area.

Customer & Tasks

This apartment in one of the modern apartment complexes was designed for rent. Designer Evgenia Akimova was tasked with making the interior stylish and comfortable — to equip a bedroom with a large dressing room, functional wardrobes at the entrance, a kitchen-living room with a sofa for relaxation and a comfortable dining area, and a spacious bathroom.


Since this is an apartment in terms of status, the redevelopment could be done in a freer way. The developer has provided a bedroom with a bathroom, a kitchen, and another bathroom.

Since the target audience is one person or a couple without children, Evgenia suggested abandoning the “bedroom with its own bathroom” functionality. Instead of a bathroom, they made a large dressing room, and expanded it at the expense of the bedroom.

The entrance area was also enlarged in order to eliminate the impression of a cramped dark corridor from the entrance. We created enough space for the installation of wardrobes at the entrance and “opened” the hallway so that now you can see the window in the living room from the entrance. This area has become lighter.

The area of the living room-kitchen was also expanded at the expense of the bedroom. This is how it turned out to decorate a comfortable seating area, to provide a comfortable distance between the sofa and the TV on the wall opposite.


In the decoration, paint was used for the walls and ceilings, laminated chipboard panels imitating wood (dining room and TV area, at the head of the bed), and wallpaper at the head of the bed. The wallpaper is selected almost to match the color of the paint for the walls, the emphasis is on the texture, which is combined with the panels and looks especially advantageous together with the included hidden lighting.

In the hallway area, the wall with the front door was painted brown to match the color of the door from the developer, they did not want to change it.

Mirrors, which are located by the window opposite the bed in the bedroom and in the living room behind the sofa, play a significant role in the decoration. They create the effect of visually enlarging the space by reflecting natural light.

A full-wall mirror was also located in a niche with a console between the wardrobes in the hallway, as well as in the dressing room.

On the floor, there is a parquet board, matched in color to the wood-effect panels.

In the bathroom, stone-effect porcelain stoneware was used, combining it with paint.

Furniture & Storage Systems

The presence of a walk-in closet was a prerequisite when creating the interior. Both the owners and the designer considered that this decision corresponds to the status of housing, which they planned to rent out for a long time and for a considerable price. The goal was fulfilled – the dressing room at the bedroom occupies 7 square meters and accommodates a large number of things.

In the hallway there are built-in wardrobes for various purposes. The one closest to the entrance is provided for outerwear and shoes. The second cabinet hides a washer and dryer, as well as storage sections for household items.

The column that is closest to the kitchen is the built-in refrigerator. The kitchen itself is as compact as possible and due to the lack of visible appliances (the oven was abandoned, the microwave oven is hidden behind the façade in one of the upper cabinets, and the dishwasher is built-in) it does not look utilitarian, almost does not attract attention, giving the main role to the living and dining areas. However, due to the high upper cabinets and the elimination of the oven, there is plenty of storage space in the set.

In the bathroom, in addition to the sink cabinet, there is a cabinet above the toilet installation.


The ceiling light is solved by built-in spots. Hidden lighting installed behind the panels in the bedroom and living room, above the upper cabinets and under the ceiling of the kitchen, in the wardrobes of the dressing room, behind the mirror in the bathroom, in the niches of the installation and shower help to create a more cozy and intimate environment. In general, the designer believes that a modern interior is impossible without such a lighting scenario. But there are also traditional solutions — bedside sconces, a hanging chandelier above the dining table.

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