Curtains for the kitchen 2024: the most fashionable options and a list of anti-trends

Roman and rolled, floor-length drapes and light-flowing tulle — we tell you what curtain models, colors, and patterns to choose for the kitchen this year.

Beautiful window decoration makes the kitchen more bright, stylish, and cozy. But textiles here must also be practical. How to combine these qualities, we tell you in the article. And we tell you how to choose the latest modern curtains for the kitchen in 2024, and which models should definitely be abandoned.

What’s Out of Fashion

To understand which curtains for the kitchen are fashionable in 2024, you first need to decide what is no longer relevant and only spoils the interior.

Anti-trends in window decoration include:

  • Cheap plastic blinds. The ones that get tangled, break, and clank unpleasantly when you lower/raise them.
  • An abundance of ruffles, fringes, garters, pleats, draperies, and other “heavy” décor. Even in the classics, it is out of place, and if you choose curtains for the kitchen in a modern style in 2024, then there should not be any ornate overload.
  • Printed glitter patterns and designs. The brighter, the worse.
  • Short curtains of incomprehensible shape, wound on the cornice or gathered at the bottom in a knot.
  • Curtains are made of fabrics that are not suitable for the kitchen. This is impractical (and practicality is the main trend now), besides, they will absorb odors, quickly get dirty, and lose their marketable appearance.
  • Black blinds or roller shutters that contrast too much with the rest of the interior. Such dark spots on the windows look ugly and depressing.
  • Curtains of any format (drapes, Roman curtains, roller shutters) of acidic unnatural colors.
  • String curtains, especially shiny ones.

And here are what curtains for the kitchen in 2024 will be fashionable. Take your pick!


Roman blinds do not lose their relevance because they are ideal for the kitchen. In several parameters at once:

  • When assembled, they occupy only the upper part of the opening, when opened, they reach the windowsill. Such compactness allows you not to visually overload the windows, which is important for a small kitchen.
  • The canvas does not reach the floor, which means it gets dirty less.
  • Another plus to practicality is that Roman blinds are made of different materials, you can choose a washable fabric, and there are even special water- and dirt-repellent impregnations.
  • “Romans” are easy to assemble and disassemble, the fabric creates even folds that do not look pretentious, but at the same time, such multi-layering gives a feeling of coziness.
  • Modern models are equipped with electric drives, which allows you to open and close the curtains without even approaching them: for example, by controlling them through a remote control.

Roman blinds have hundreds of design options. You can choose a canvas to match the decoration or large furniture, or, on the contrary, make it a bright accent. There are models that are plain or with laconic patterns of any theme: from natural motifs to abstraction or classic geometric prints. They are used both on their own and in tandem with other types of curtains: for example, with light transparent tulle.


Floor-length drapes are classics that are relevant in any style and in any room.

However, for reasons of practicality, they do not always want to hang long curtains in the kitchen. In fact, you can use them, and besides, they are not an out-of-style option.

Important things to consider:

  • Drapes are best suited for a combined kitchen-living room, where the dining group is located between two areas or in the living part. In this way, the curtains will be less exposed to moisture and temperature changes, as well as get dirty.
  • For a small room (for example, a kitchen in a Khrushchev apartment or a studio), it is better to choose not too dense fabrics of light shades. Preferably plain. The pattern, if any, should be small, concise and non-contrasting.
  • If you want to add elegance to your space, opt for natural, high-quality fabrics. But remember that they often get dirty faster than synthetic ones, and wool absorbs odors and collects dust.

A separate important point is the cornice. Avoid massive rungs, especially if the kitchen area is small. A trendy option for curtains in a modern kitchen in 2024 is a hidden or “floating” curtain rod with lighting. This technique is good for rooms of any size, but especially for a small room or a room with a low ceiling.

Laconic roll-up

Roller blinds are compact, minimalistic, almost invisible when assembled.

They are often hung in addition to tulle or translucent drapes to serve as sun protection. But roller shutters can also exist on the windows on their own – if the interior is decorated in the appropriate style.

Roll models are a flat rectangular canvas that rises and falls, winding on a special cornice shaft. There are options with manual control (on a cord) or remote control (via remote control or app). Most often, curtains are found in the format of a monochromatic material in a neutral shade, but there are also more interesting designs: for example, a combination of translucent and dense fabric that forms stripes, or patterns.

Tulle only

One of the brightest trends in recent years in window design is to use only tulle, without complementing it with “full-fledged” curtains.

This option is also good for the kitchen area, primarily because the issue of complete darkening is not as acute as, for example, in the bedroom or children’s room.

Light translucent curtains do not visually overload the window, while slightly softening the flow of incoming light, making it more cozy and diffused. And if you opt for a flowing fabric, you’ll get the added effect of beautiful airy pleats – and you don’t need any complicated draperies! Just be sure to choose a fabric that is suitable for the wet area so that the beautiful white tulle does not turn into a dirty rag.

High-quality blinds

Curtains don’t have to be made of fabric, and blinds don’t have to be made of cheap, brittle plastic.

Now this type of window decoration is relevant, but the products must be made of high-quality materials. The best option is wood. Such blinds look stylish, minimalistic, and at the same time cozy. Models made of aluminum, bamboo, and rice paper are also suitable.

In different positions, the crossbars either completely block the light or let in a small part of it, creating bizarre penumbras on the floor and walls. You can open the blinds completely, and then the kitchen will be beautifully flooded with sunlight.

Color & Pattern

In addition to the type of window textile, trends can also be traced in the choice of color and pattern on the fabric. It is important to know them in order to choose stylish curtains for the kitchen in 2024.

The following are relevant now:

  • Noble neutral colors. These include most shades of beige, gray, and brown. As well as white, black, olive, dusty blue.
  • Warm natural tones. These are all the same beige and brown, as well as sand, brick, terracotta, ochre, amber, and other similar shades. Curtains of this color are suitable for kitchens with north-facing windows to add warmth to the space.
  • In general, any natural theme, including ornaments. Twigs, flowers (but not “grandma’s”), tropical motifs, as well as fruits and berries look good in the kitchen. It can also be images of birds.
  • For a cold interior, choose the appropriate shade of textile: light blue, blue, muted purple, lavender, pale pink, and French gray.
  • Abstraction and geometry are timeless classics among ornaments. Choose patterns that are not too complicated and ornate, without sharp contrasts and woven lurex.
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