What Will Ruin Your Living Room: 10 Examples of Bad Furniture

A massive leather armchair, a furniture wall, a bean bag chair and other “no’s” in the living room are in our selection. Get rid of them!

1. Massive desk

Bureaus, secretaries, corner computer desks, models with modular designs, drawers, or cabinets look foreign and outdated in the living room. If you don’t have anywhere else to organize your workspace, opt for more compact options. You can choose a table with thin legs or one that is attached to the wall. For very small spaces, folding models or a windowsill table are suitable.

2. Furniture Wall

Furniture factories continue to produce standard furniture walls, and for some reason, they are still in demand. Although such a headset takes up a lot of space and visually overloads the space. There are more convenient storage options. And if you really want a wall, consider modern modular options. They are more functional and look relevant.

3. Bulky armchair

A large leatherette rocking chair, a huge massage chair, or just a bulky velour one are all outdated options that spoil the modern interior. Take a closer look at more compact and elegant armchairs: they are cozy and comfortable, and do not clutter the room. If versatility is important, folding armchair beds, models with storage, etc. are now sold.

4. Couch

A couch is an unfortunate type of living room furniture. It is impossible to lean on such a product normally, often the seat does not have a full-fledged backrest. As a rule, this is furniture of rigid shapes, it requires pillows to sit more or less comfortably. A couch is also not suitable for sleeping. If you don’t have a sofa, it won’t replace one. And if you have it, it will only take up free space.

5. Open Bookcase

Open bookcases are not the most practical solution. First of all, the mismatched collections of books don’t look very nice. Secondly, they collect dust. And the more shelves there are, the more difficult it is to remove them. If you want to organize your home library so that it is visible, choose display cabinets with glass doors. But keep in mind that books need to be kept in order. Otherwise, the wardrobe will create a feeling of sloppiness in the interior.

6. Dressing table

A dressing table is an alien piece of furniture in the living room. His place is in the bedroom and only there. If you don’t have a separate room to sleep in, then it’s better to do without a table at all. Or move the “beauty corner” to the bathroom.

7. Furniture set

Furniture sets — armchairs + sofa, sofa + couch, table + chest of drawers, etc. — already look outdated. The most anti-trend option is quilted upholstered furniture sets. They evoke associations with the nineties and ostentatious tasteless “luxury”. Therefore, it is better to choose a similar style but a different design for the living room. This way you will set accents and make the interior much more relevant.

8. Beanbag chair

Another inappropriate and uncomfortable piece of furniture. A bean bag chair looks organic only in a children’s room or in a relaxation corner in the office. But even then this is a very controversial decision. In terms of comfort, it is significantly inferior to an ordinary armchair and greatly cheapens the furnishings.

9. Corner wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes are appropriate in the hallway, in extreme cases, in the bedroom. But in the living room, such oversized furniture, especially corner furniture, will only “eat” the space. In addition, the L-shaped wardrobe is not very convenient in terms of interior filling. It is better to choose more compact storage systems and place the bulk of things in another room.

10. Stylized furniture

English telephone cabinets, phonograph turntables, racks in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and other stylizations have long gone out of fashion. First of all, it’s too straightforward. Secondly, it is difficult to match the rest of the furniture for such accent items. If you want to create a “Little England” or a “personal Paris” at home, it’s better to recreate them in detail rather than in large pieces of furniture.

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