Home in summer: 5 tips to avoid clutter

Each season brings into the house not only its own temperature, special light, and appropriate decor, but its own type of clutter. Winter means coats, scarves, and hats scattered throughout the house. Fall and school time means finding a place for a backpack and textbooks. In the spring, dirty footprints from shoes cannot be avoided. In summer, when the “movement” between the house and the street becomes the most intense, there is especially a lot of outdoor dirt, sand, and small debris. How to avoid it?

Dry grass

The remnants of the cut, fast-growing summer grass easily find their way into the room – and this is not surprising. The way to deal with this mess is to make constant sweeping the floor or running a robot vacuum a part of your routine. If there is a plot with a lawn nearby, then regular lawn mowing with a modern lawn mower will effectively protect the interior from the remains of plants that have fallen on light-colored furniture. 

Wet footprints

Summer is often life by the water or unexpected downpours. Wet feet leave wet and dirty footprints on the floor. To keep mopping to a minimum, run beautiful woven paths along the most frequently used routes. They can always be washed quickly, and they dry quickly.


Sand and summer cottage entertainment are almost synonymous, but the sand that has got into the house must be removed: in addition to unpleasant sensations underfoot, sand is an abrasive, that is, it can scratch the floor. To prevent sand from getting in, make it a habit to take off your shoes before entering a room. Wash items with sand (shake them off) before they enter the interior or allocate a separate place on the porch for such items.

Sticky fruit mess

What is summer without sweet peaches, popsicles, and watermelon? To avoid annoying spots on your favorite sofa, create an opportunity to enjoy treats (especially in a large company) on the balcony, or terrace, or better, have a picnic on the grass.

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