How to hang a mirror: 7 universal tips and mounting options for different surfaces

On a wall, door, or closet – we tell you how to fix the mirror on different types of surfaces with and without drilling, as well as what general rules to follow.

Mirrors are in every home. They not only fulfill their direct function (show reflection), but are also used as a full-fledged decor element. The most popular models are wall-mounted. They can be of any shape and size, with or without a frame. In this article, we will show you how to attach a mirror to a wall, door, or closet in different ways.

General rules

Regardless of where you will attach the product, whether you use a drill or other methods, there are a few rules that will allow you to do everything neatly and beautifully.

  • Measure the dimensions and weight of the mirror with the surface where you will hang it. For example, a cabinet door made of chipboard or MDF may simply not be able to withstand a heavy model in a massive frame. In the same way, not all mounting methods will fit certain sizes.
  • Think carefully about the location of the object. So, for example, if you are going to hang a mirror in a room where there is a sleeping place, evaluate whether it will not be uncomfortable for someone who spends the night there to see their reflection in the dark. In small rooms, wall decor should be placed so that it does not interfere and there is no risk that it will be touched and dropped.
  • Before attaching the mirror to the wall, furniture front, or door, draw the correct placement with a pencil. This will help not to miss and not hang the product crookedly.
  • If the room is small or lacks natural light, try to place the mirrored surface so that the reflection hits the window. This will double the amount of light and at the same time visually increase the space.
  • If possible, hang the mirror away from air drafts. So less dust will fall on it, and this, in turn, will greatly simplify cleaning.
  • To give the product strength, you can stick it not immediately on the surface, but first on a sheet of chipboard or plywood. This will make it thicker and heavier, it will protect it from damage from careless pressure.
  • You need to hang the mirror at such a distance that it is convenient to use it: you do not have to bend over or stand on tiptoe to see your reflection. If you are hanging a high model, it must be at least 140 cm high and 25-50 cm from the floor. A compact one is hung at an average height of 1.5 m. Focus on the average height of the residents and figure out the location so that the center of the canvas is at eye level.

Ways of attaching

Consider how in different cases you can attach a mirror without drilling or with it.

On the wall

Before attaching the mirror to the wall, understand whether it will hang in the chosen place for a long time. If yes, you can just hang it on the screws. Products with a frame usually have a loop on the back, and fasteners are included. Or you can buy them at any hypermarket or hardware store.

This setup looks like this::

  • Make markings on the wall, indicating where you will attach the mirror.
  • Drill holes exactly on these marks.
  • Install fasteners (it can be nails, dowels, or self-tapping screws).
  • Hang the mirror on the fasteners and adjust its position.

The question often arises: how to attach a mirror to wallpaper without ruining it? It is especially a pity to drill a hole in the wall only after repair when the finish is completely new. In this case, more gentle methods can be dispensed with.

  • Any adhesives – for example, liquid nails or Moment.
  • Mounting foam.
  • Double-sided tape of sufficient thickness.

If you decide to use the first option, you first need to stick an intermediate screen on the back of the mirror. It can be in the form of a frame or cover the entire area completely. An additional coating is necessary for a stronger adhesion of the adhesive mass to the wallpaper: usually, the composition that is used to cover the rear of the mirror does not adhere well to such a thin base by itself. For the base, a fiberboard with a thickness of 2-5 mm is best suited. 

To fix the product using mounting foam, there is a simple life hack that will greatly simplify the process. After you make the markup, drive in the thinnest nail a little higher, which will not leave visible marks, and hang the canvas on it with a thin but strong thread or fishing line (with the front part to the wall). Then apply the foam from the can in drops or stripes, turn over, and gently press against the wall. After that, the nail and thread can be removed, and the rest of the mass, if it goes beyond the frame, cut off when they dry.

How to attach a mirror to a wardrobe

If clothes are stored in the closet, it is very convenient when you can see your reflection right there. If your furniture does not have mirror facades, you can hang a medium or small mirror on them. 

Double-sided tape

If the mirror is not heavy, it can be easily and quickly attached to the cabinet door using double-sided mounting tape. This is generally a real lifesaver that helps in many situations. Choose a foam option with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Tape should be used at room temperature. If the room is too cold (less than 10 degrees) or too hot (more than 25 degrees), then the tape may turn out to be unreliable.

Liquid Nails

This is a simple and popular method that is suitable for almost all surfaces, including walls or cabinet doors. Buy liquid nails specifically for mirrors, otherwise they can dissolve the amalgam. As in other cases, draw the contours with a pencil before installation to attach the mirror exactly on the first try. Liquid nails are applied to the back side in any way: parallel stripes, snake, zigzag, drops. The main thing is to step back a little from the edge so that the adhesive does not go beyond the borders.


The hardware store sells special silicone compounds for mirror and glass products. Before applying the mixture to the door or cabinet wall, the surface must be degreased. White Spirit or any other universal solvent will do just fine with this. To make it easier to apply the composition, you can buy a special gun for silicone sealant.

On the door

Most often, the canvas is placed on the door in the hallway: in the entrance area there must be an opportunity to see your reflection, but there is not always free space on the wall. It can be another room (for example, a bedroom or dressing room ) – the installation principle will be the same.

How to attach a mirror to a door:

  • By gluing. Everything is standard here: if the product is not heavy, it can be attached to any glue that is designed for mirrors. For greater reliability, a double-sided mounting tape is glued to the back side around the perimeter. After you have attached the mirror to the door, secure it with tape and leave it for a day so that the glue is completely dry.
  • Mechanical fixation. If you do not want to use glue but are ready to drill the door, you can use the classic method and mount the canvas on the dowels. In the process, make sure that the hole is deep enough, but does not go through. To prevent the mirror from hitting the door, vibrating, or splitting, make a substrate in the central part from any cushioning material (for example, plywood ).

How to hang a mirror without a frame

For products without a frame, both mounting options are suitable: with and without drilling.

For fasteners

If you are going to drill the canvas, it is important to do it in such a way that cracks do not go through it. Special drills will help with this: for example, tubular or in the form of an arrow, which does not penetrate the material, but gradually remove its layers. When using a drill, take one that can be adjusted in power, since glass is drilled only at low speeds.

On plates

There are special plates that are made from steel sheets with a thickness of 0.7 mm or more. They are attached to the degreased back side of the frameless Mirror with glue, thus forming inconspicuous fasteners. This is an excellent option from an aesthetic point of view, as in the interior it creates the effect of cooking and does not spoil the appearance of the product. And if you don’t want to make a hole in the wall, you can find self-adhesive kits in stores.

For fittings

Now in hardware stores, there are many different options for fixing mirrors without a frame. It can be:

  • Various clamps.
  • Metal planks.
  • Mirror holders without drilling.

How to choose a model for the interior

The larger the mirror, the more attention it attracts to the interior. But even compact models can become a full-fledged decoration or, conversely, spoil the overall design.

When choosing a product, be guided by the following principles:

  • Frameless models are appropriate in styles such as minimalism, contemporary, and Scandinavian. For the classics, massive frames (simple or curly) made of wood, brass, gold, or silver are suitable. In a bright eclectic interior, you can choose a bold accent design.
  • The color of the frame is often chosen to match the finish, if, for example, the product is large and you do not want it to stand out. Black, and white colors and the natural texture of wood are always appropriate.
  • Standard shapes – circle, square, oval, rectangle – are familiar to the eye. If you want to create a wow effect and make this piece of decor immediately grab attention, experiment with the silhouette by choosing a complex geometric shape.
  • In the bathroom, hallway,, or in the make-up table area, it is worth making additional lighting. It can be an LED strip framing the canvas, wall sconces, or a small table lamp.
  • The larger the product, the larger the area will be reflected in it. Consider this if you use a mirror to visually expand the space.
  • When choosing the size, not only this is important, but also the dimensions of the nearest objects. So, for example, it is better to hang a large rectangular model or a composition of 2-3 small ones over a large sofa. In a small hallway (especially if the apartment has low ceilings) – an elongated vertical product will be in proportion to cabinet doors or other items.

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