Kitchen without Upper Cabinets: 9 Beautiful Options

Are you going to abandon the upper tier of the cabinets because there are enough storage spaces or do you want lightness in the interior? We tell you and show you how you can play with the space above the countertop in a different way – stylishly!

1. Large format posters

If there is enough storage space in the lower tier of the set, then it is not necessary to replace the upper cabinets with shelves or something similar. You can give preference to décor. In this interior, the space above the apron was decorated with two large framed posters. This technique made the kitchen not just a utilitarian room, but a full-fledged room with character. In the role of illumination of the work surface, which is usually built under the upper cabinets, stylish paired lamps were hung here.

2. Asymmetrical shelves

Small asymmetrical shelves filled with decorative elements or beautiful dishes can also make the kitchen more distinctive and cozy. The interior in the photo is juicy and bright. The contents of the shelves support the blue facades and the pink backsplash, combining them into a common picture. And not only did they abandon the upper tier, but even the lower one was made completely compact. Such solutions are possible if the lifestyle does not involve intensive daily cooking.

3. Narrow niche shelf

A minimalist kitchen also does not exclude the possibility of making open storage instead of cabinets. In this photo example, a neutral set combined with black plumbing fixtures was complemented by an unusual niche shelf of the same color. It was hung below the standard level for shelves, and from a certain angle, it looks like a recess in the wall, rather than a mounted structure. In order not to disturb the harmony of the laconic interior and not to add visual noise, white dishes were placed inside the shelf.

4. Open Storage

It is not always the case that the rejection of cabinets on top implies purely decorative alternatives. For example, here the owners filled the entire space with shelves, a railing, and a dish dryer. The result is a voluminous storage system for kitchen utensils — only open. If you use things regularly, then dust will not accumulate as much as many people are afraid of. Neatly decanted products, beautiful dishes, and stylish accessories also serve as décor here.

5. Mug Collection & Decorative Plates

Cabinets and organizers for cup collections, which are gaining popularity, are a convenient solution when there are no cabinets, and you don’t want to make long shelves either. In the kitchen with the photo, such a mini-rack was not hung, but simply installed on the countertop – it has a shallow depth, and it does not eat up the work surface. It was decided to decorate the wall next to it with plates with different patterns, prints, and textures. It has become a great alternative to posters. If the collection of such plates is large, then you can change the composition according to your mood or depending on the season.

6. Vintage Dish Cabinet

Here, refusing to continue the set at the top, we still installed a compact cabinet — a mini-analog of a sideboard for dishes. On the one hand, this is an interesting and trendy solution (incomplete furniture still does not give up its position). On the other hand, the problem of storing even a small number of dishes is still solved, especially in a closed form convenient for many. The vintage locker also echoes the retro-style refrigerator. As in one of the previous examples, the lack of standard lighting was compensated for by lamps. This time, wall sconces with adjustable light direction.

7. Mouldings & Fixtures

Moldings fit perfectly into interiors in the spirit of neoclassicism or Art Deco. At the same time, if they decorate the wall in the kitchen, then usually in the dining area. And in this neoclassical kitchen, they did something different and made moldings over the set. A single tabletop and backsplash turn into a narrow shelf that seems to divide the wall. On top, there are moldings with small décor and lamps “inside” them.

8. Hooks

A simple and compact solution for the area above the work surface – hooks on a single structure. You can hang décor on them in a non-standard way, and place permanent items needed in cooking. Those who have a collection of mugs or a lot of utensils for cooking will be able to conveniently hang it all on hooks. The upper part of such a shelf is narrow, but the owners put cookbooks on it with the cover facing forward (so they take up less space) and several elements of dishes.

9. Cookware railing

The functionality of the railing is similar to wall hooks. But it’s easier to adjust to your needs thanks to the hanging elements that can be moved and added. In this spacious kitchen, with the help of a crossbar, we organized the storage of quite large pans and pots, so we placed it unusually high. Next to this structure, there are open shelves, the lower part of which is the same railing. The kitchen is large, the set is roomy, and this made it possible to completely abandon the upper cabinets, and place the most beautiful or necessary items in plain sight.

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