Would you dare? The 7 Most Striking Bathrooms That Will Surprise You

Royal red, playful color block, yellow and blue of the Mediterranean — let’s look at the details of the original bathrooms, where the owners were not afraid of bright shades.

1. Sunny with yellow and blue accents

Bright colors not only allow you to create characteristic interiors but also make it possible to be anywhere in the world – without traveling. How? In the bathroom, the spirit of the Mediterranean has been recreated with the help of orange and yellow tiles on the walls, patterned tiles on the floor (which go into the bathtub screen), and a blue wardrobe. Sun, sand, sea… Such an atmosphere is very appropriate in the bathroom, a place for water procedures and relaxation. A light wood washbasin unit and a discreet terrazzo on the wall in this area give balance to the color scheme.

2. Juicy and harmonious color block

This interior features a bold palette of bright shades – orange, yellow, turquoise. They are combined on the walls within the framework of color-blocking. Due to this solution, each of the colors is revealed even more fully. However, the palette doesn’t look flashy because of the white tiles as the background (while the grout is a non-standard orange). Terrazzo tiles on the floor help to balance the bold shades even more – their inclusions echo the colors used in the interior. The plumbing was selected classic chrome, but the fittings and corners were made black – these elements do not allow the interior to “blur”, make it clearer and more rhythmic.

3. Stylish bathroom with emerald tiles

Here they used the technique of decorating the walls with two types of finishing. Painted white walls are used as a base. On the lower half of the walls, glossy tiles of a rich emerald color are vertically laid. We unobtrusively highlighted the area with the installation — we took tiles of the same line, but corrugated. Black and white contrast adds brightness and catchiness to the bathroom: geometric tiles, white large plumbing fixtures, and black fittings and taps. To make the environment not seem too brutal and cold, we added a wooden cabinet under the sink in a warm shade, as well as bright orange textiles. This is the case when ordinary towels are a full-fledged décor item.

4. Luxurious interior in red

A stylish reinterpretation of royal luxury in this interior. In a bright, original bathroom, close attention was paid to every detail. An openwork door handle, a towel holder with a tiger’s head, faucets, bathtub legs, a rug — all these details are combined against the background of rich scarlet walls with moldings. In order not to weigh down the space, the floor was laid with a small pearl mosaic, and the bath area was finished with a simple white hog with white grout. The thoughtfulness of every detail and the balance of colors make the interior bright, solemn, but not flashy.

5. Stylish raspberry-green bathroom

A great way to create a spectacular palette in the interior is not only to combine colors that seem incongruous at first glance but also to choose their complex, non-obvious shades. So, in the combined bathroom of this apartment, a combination of berry and sage appeared. They are framed by black details, and the floor emphasizes the non-standard nature of the interior – it was laid out with catchy tiles with an active pattern. It turned out to be juicy, attractive, and stylish.

6. Contrasting yellow and blue bathroom

The bathroom interior in this apartment is another example of how small black details (fittings, faucets, grout) help to balance out the bright colors. Here, the designer chose sunny yellow and deep blue shades as the presenters. The bold combination was combined with partially white trim and white plumbing. Terrazzo floor tiles allow the interior to be holistic – in the scattering of its “pieces” there are blue and blue tones. Black and white motifs are supported by a shower curtain. By the way, this is proof that it can be stylish and look appropriate in a solid interior.

7. Bold interior in green and orange

Expanding the palette — the designer chose an expressive combination of green and orange to decorate the bathroom in this apartment. Another distinctive feature of the interior is that all details, faucets, and plumbing are made in white. Against the background of the juicy palette of walls and furniture, it also seems bright and catchy, and the atmosphere as a whole acquires a futuristic look. The flat and smooth surface of the facades of the furniture and walls was combined with a flat hog in a vertical layout and corrugated tiles, also laid vertically.

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