How to decorate a terrace – 8 Beautiful Examples

A terrace is a frequent addition to a house. We share ideas on how to decorate this space so that it turns out cozy and at the same time practical.

1. Hang Curtains

One of the main differences between a terrace and a veranda is the lack of full glazing, it is almost always an open space. To protect it from precipitation and dust, “soft windows” are usually used. These can be non-woven fabrics, but long textile curtains will both shelter from the weather and create coziness. If it rains a lot in your area, it is better to choose a fabric with a water-repellent impregnation. In this case, even light-colored curtains will not get dirty quickly, they are easy to put in order. And at the same time, they will be a great authentic decoration of the terrace.

2. Put the bouquet in a vase

You can put a fresh bouquet of flowers on the terrace at least every day. You don’t have to take garden plants: wildflowers will give the space a special charm. You can even dry herbs, and ears of corn and collect beautiful compositions of greenery and dried flowers. Choose the vase according to the general style of the terrace.

3. Hang lanterns and garlands

To make your terrace particularly cozy, don’t limit yourself to just the main lighting. For example, hang the main lamp in the center, and complement it with street lights on the walls. Or make atmospheric night illumination in the form of garlands with large bulbs. In the evenings, the terrace will turn into a fairytale space and resemble a clearing with fireflies.

4. Cover the table with a tablecloth

Textile tablecloths are another cozy accessory that will help you furnish your veranda in a homely way. Fabrics with tassels or fringes look especially beautiful — they seem to bring you back to your childhood, and remind you of vacations in the countryside. To keep the tablecloth clean longer, choose products with dirt- and water-repellent impregnation.

5. Arrange the plants in the planter

Not only can you surround the terrace with flowers, bushes, and trees, but you can also make it part of the plot. To do this, install garden plants in planters on the terrace. Choose varieties of different sizes. Use both floor and hanging or wall-mounted pots. Do not forget about proper care and water the flowers regularly so that a beautiful potted garden does not turn into dead wood.

6. Hang a swing or hammock

Another popular accessory is a swing. It can be a hanging chair, a bench with a backrest, a hammock, or even homemade rungs on ropes. The main thing is that the ceiling beams to which your swing will be attached can withstand the load.

7. Add blankets, pillows and covers

Pillows, soft fabric covers, blankets – all these elements will make your stay on the terrace as comfortable as possible. The more textiles with different textures, the better. If the products are large and you do not plan to take them into the house, choose water-repellent coatings. Smaller accessories can be put away at night or while you are away in the house so that they do not gather dust and get wet if it rains.

8. Use stylized décor

You can emphasize the authenticity of the country with the help of ethnic décor. Choose accessories with a certain stylistic focus or combine décor from different directions. But the main rule is to find the unifying moments. For example, the same colors or textures, etc. Items that emphasize rustic motifs will also be an excellent decoration of the terrace. For example, a stump stand, brooms made of fragrant herbs, and wooden beads-pendants.

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