Furnishing a Scandinavian-style children’s room in 4 steps

Simple instructions for choosing finishes, furniture, and décor to create a children’s room in a popular style.

We will tell you how to choose the right base for a Scandinavian-style children’s room so that the interior “grows” with the child.

1. Deciding on the color scheme

Despite the popular belief that a child’s room should have a lot of colors, the Scandi style is an exception. Most often, it is based on a few basic shades — white, gray, beige — and a bright color is added as an accent. At the same time, there are few gender stereotypes in this style. For example, in blue tones, you can decorate a Scandinavian-style nursery for a boy or a girl, just choose the right shades. For example, mint is a delicate color that is definitely not unsuitable for women.

2. Choosing a finish


The best option is class 32 and 33 laminate. Firstly, laminate flooring is warmer than tiles, and in terms of practicality, class 32 and 33 are not so much inferior to this material. It is possible to lay parquet or engineered boards, but it is worth thinking about the expediency. Natural wood is inferior in practicality, and in the nursery, it is easy to damage it by dropping something on the floor or decorating it with pencils and felt-tip pens.

If you want to make cosmetic repairs and level the floor, removing the old coating is not part of your plans, pay attention to PVC floors. They look like laminate flooring, but they are much more flexible and some varieties can actually be laid on top of an old floor.



Washable paint is a practical choice. It is also easy to experiment with the color of the coating in this way. But for a high-quality finish, you need perfectly flat walls. If that’s not part of your plans, consider other options.

By the way, you can safely use slate paint in children’s rooms, even with a magnetic coating. So there is a chance to protect other walls in the apartment from the child’s creativity. If you don’t dare to apply paint to the wall, paint the cabinet.


Today, the choice of wallpaper is huge. There are brands that are considered to be originally Scandinavian – for example, Borastapeter, Collection for Walls, and Eco Wallpaper – among their collections there are children’s – with a variety of prints that will definitely decorate the rooms. You can choose options for a Scandinavian-style baby girl or resist gender separation and cover the walls with wallpaper with universal patterns.

The only drawback is that the price is quite high, but there are also more budget collections of wallpaper for painting. Premium wallpaper can be used for an accent wall – in such cases, even one roll is enough.

Installing wall panels

Paneling is a budget material that is suitable for a Scandinavian-style nursery – look at the photos of the interiors, and how wonderful it looks. Paneling can be combined with wallpaper or paint, painted itself, or left the color of wood and limited to varnish.

3. Choosing furniture for the children’s room in the Scandinavian style

The first option that comes to mind is a Swedish brand. From the IKEA assortment, furniture will perfectly fit into a Scandinavian room, besides, you can choose those series that grow with the child. For example, beds “Lexvik”, “Sundvik”, “Busunge”. For small rooms that need to fit two children, there are also solutions – bunk beds, as well as a frame with a pull-out section “Slack”. Cabinets, chests of drawers, and tables can also be found in IKEA.

However, when furnishing the interior with furniture of the Swedish brand, it is easy to encounter the effect of a showroom, a cliché that many people today do not like and seek to avoid. There is a way out – mix furniture with other brands or remodel it. For example, painting chests of drawers or cabinets, changing handles, pasting the inside with the remains of wallpaper – there are many options for alteration.

Other well-known manufacturers of furniture in the Scandi aesthetic are the Norwegian Stokke and the Danish Sebra. In addition, “adult” brands produce smaller copies of stylish furnishings. These are smaller models of Eames chairs and Panton Junior. In general, stylish parents will definitely have no shortage of options.

You can experiment and create the interior of the children’s room in the style of Scandinavian vintage by restoring old furniture from the era of the last century. For example, put a chest of drawers or a cabinet that you inherited from your grandmother. Choose beds with a metal frame in the recognizable aesthetics. Look at how the owner of this house coped with the task – she managed not only to equip a stylish Scandi room for two children, but also to save a real budget.

4. Complement the space with décor

Curtains and textiles are a versatile choice for making rooms cozier. Be careful when arranging a room for a baby. A large amount of fabric accumulates dust, and this can have a negative impact on health. It is enough to decorate the baby’s crib with sides, you can hang a canopy for greater comfort, and close the windows with curtains made of dense natural fabrics.

The walls in the nursery can be easily decorated with posters or stickers. You can choose stickers-animals, and plants and create a magical garden with their help. Or you can have fantasy scenarios with cartoon characters.

By the way, individuality is one of the main qualities of the Scandi style, so a parent can safely make an exposition of children’s drawings and crafts. This is a great décor option.

A bare floor doesn’t look cozy, so many people add carpets to the children’s room. You need to be careful when choosing. A fleecy carpet collects a lot of dust, and it is difficult to clean it. Modern braided versions made of jute and cotton are much more practical, they can even be washed in the washing machine.

Toy baskets and bags are both functional and beautiful. Store toys or children’s clothes in them, but choose those boxes and baskets that will complement the open shelves in the room and complement the interior.

Equipping the play area

If you look at the interiors of children’s rooms, they necessarily have a significant space for games and activities. Then, in this corner, you can equip a work area with a desk and shelves for school notebooks and books when the child grows up. And for preschool children, you can equip a playroom – put fabric wigs, install a “children’s” kitchen, a mini-table with chairs for drawing or crafts, or an easel.

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