5 Things in the house that need to be painted with slate paint

We will tell you about the most suitable places for creating a chalk surface.

The appearance of slate paint on the shelves of hardware stores made a real revolution. Chalkboards have gone far beyond the boundaries of school classrooms: now anyone can create such a coating at home. Not only that: the use of slate paint is possible on almost any surface!

1. Backsplash

Although the option has managed to become classic, the chalk drawings on the apron still look unusual. Another advantage of a slate backsplash is the ability to change the “exposure” according to the mood or season. For example, in the summer, you can draw floral motifs, and in the winter, you can depict New Year’s patterns and inscriptions.

The original coating of the wall above the worktop also has drawbacks. The main one is the difficulty in care. If grease gets on the chalk paint, it will be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to wash it off. There are 2 ways to solve this problem:

  1. Protect the area around the stove with glass. Expensive, but practical.
  2. Cover not the backsplash itself with slate paint, but the wall above it.

2. Refrigerator

If you have an old refrigerator at your disposal or a new one suits everything except the color, it can be repainted. To do this, you will need not only lead paint, but also a high-quality adhesive primer. Tape all the areas that you are not going to paint with masking tape. Apply the primer in 1-2 layers, after complete drying, carefully distribute the paint.

The refrigerator can be painted fully or partially. The second option is acceptable if the black appliances do not fit into the existing interior of the kitchen. Then the base is made in any way (or even left white), and a small area for chalk notes is placed on the door or end.

3. Wall in the nursery

The biggest fans of drawing with crayons are children! Why not create the right conditions for their artistic talents? Select one of the walls in the room and paint it with chalk paint in whole or in part (drawing, for example, the silhouette of a mountain or a house).

For the children’s room, instead of black slate paint, you can take green, pink, lilac, blue. Many manufacturers offer a large selection of alternative shades.

To make the wall more functional, cover it not only with slate, but also with magnetic paint. Then the magnets will be held on the surface.

4. Furniture

With the help of a slate composition, you can transform an old wardrobe or chest of drawers. Cover the product completely or paint only the façade, making a stationary chalkboard out of it. Children will especially like this kind of furniture – a great alternative to a whole wall.

If transforming a large closet seems like a daunting task, start with something simpler. For example, make “labels” on the drawers of the dresser: small painted areas on which you can write what lies inside.

5. The door

When there is no place for chalk flooring either in the kitchen or in the children’s room, pay attention to the hallway. Painting your front door is a breeze. And the drawings on it can perform both a decorative role and a fully functional one. Chalk is convenient for writing notes with reminders or keeping a schedule that will be convenient to check when leaving the house.

By the way, the door, like the refrigerator, does not have to be completely covered with slate paint: you can get by with a small area.

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