Yellow sofa in the interior: 15 awesome living rooms

We have collected the most stylish interiors, the focus of which is a bright yellow sofa. These are designer apartments, in which comfort is combined with fashion trends. Look!


Designer Alina created an interior for a young student girl who started her independent life in this apartment. Since the room is small, it was decided to use only two accents: a canary-colored sofa in the living room and a lime-colored armchair in the bedroom. It turned out fresh and unique.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry


A young couple, with the help of designer Sergei, transformed their small apartment in an old building. The result was a bright Scandinavian-style interior in terms of color and shape, and the yellow sofa in the living room became the accent.


Designer Julia was given free rein to create the interior of a one-room apartment for a young student. It was necessary to combine functionality in the interior with bold bright accents. Which, in our opinion, the designer quite succeeded.


These apartments were planned for renting out. The customer was the Ginza Project holding, and the design project was developed by Ilya and Katya. In the decoration, they did not pursue the exclusivity of materials, but the interior turned out to be bright and unusual.


Our heroes had to make redevelopment in their small apartment to make life comfortable. As a result, everything you need was placed in the kitchen with an area of ​​​​fewer than five squares, and even found a place for a dining area. And the guys decided to add colors to the interior when they saw … a yellow sofa.


The project was created with great attention to detail and color combination. The customers are young people who are interested in trends in design, so the interior of the apartment had to correspond to fresh trends. In our opinion, the designer Rimma coped with the task perfectly well.


The customers are a married couple with adult children, permanently residing in another city. This apartment is intended for rest and a short stay. The designers of the Arca Design studio needed to create the most relaxing and calm atmosphere. And the yellow corner sofa in the living room is not a hindrance to this at all.


Designer Tamara designed a small apartment of 22 square meters for rent. It was necessary to make the space youthful, modern, and attractive for future residents. In our opinion, everything worked out.


The apartment was created for a married couple with two growing sons and a big dog. Designer Anna needed to create a place where you want to return from frequent travels, where you can meet friends, and where it’s nice to meet in the morning and spend the evening with the whole family.


Unusual finishing solutions and designer furniture have turned an old communal apartment into a modern and functional home. The result of the work of designer Tatyana exceeded all expectations.


This piece is designed for a family of two in anticipation of a baby. The owners of the apartment are architects by profession, so they themselves developed and implemented the design project. Due to the small area of ​​the premises, it was decided to choose the Scandinavian style in a reasonable combination with interesting details. One of which is a bright yellow sofa in the living area.


In the old apartment, Lavka Design designers had to rebuild the walls and make doorways with minimal redevelopment. But the stylistic transformation was radical: they used bright wallpaper with a print, furniture with velvet upholstery, and vintage decor. A bright yellow sofa fits perfectly into the decor, and with all this, the apartment does not look like a “grandma” at all.


A customer is a young man who wanted to get a comfortable space for rest and work. Therefore, designer Zina, together with the Finterio studio, developed a study apartment project: on the one hand, this is a full-fledged office, and on the other, a place where you can hide from the bustle of the city. A bright yellow sofa dilutes the strict color scheme of the kitchen-living room and fits perfectly into the youth room.


Designer Ksenia managed to create this spectacular interior in just two months. All the wishes of the customer were met, and with the basic monochrome scale, the interior turned out to be bright, and all the things that the customer had before the repair found their place in the new house.


It is hard to imagine that this apartment is located in the northern capital. Designer Margarita achieved this effect with the help of decoration and furniture. Yellow in the interior is not only a sofa, but also a bed, and walls. And in case of cold days, the designer also provided a fireplace.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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