Clean Home: 5 Simple Ideas for a Sustainable Interior

What is environmental awareness at the household level? Is it realistic to minimize the impact on the environment? To begin with, it is worth believing that wherever we are, we can influence all aspects of daily life, improve the microclimate and make our home “sustainable”. At the same time, you should not ignore the most common rituals, such as cleaning or buying everyday things, choosing a grocery bag, or dishwashing detergent.

1. Detox 

A little bit of vigilance – and in the house, there will be more biodegradable products and things that do not cause pollution. “Food diets” are in vogue: when buying this or that cleaning agent, clothes, or interior item, we begin to read labels more carefully than before, because we may be unpleasantly surprised by the ingredients indicated in small print.

2. DIY – do it yourself 

Instead of complex chemicals, environmentalists are calling for the use of natural remedies. What is the most sustainable option? Simple things like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, essential oils, salt, and white wine. They have been cleaning the interior for centuries. And they did it very successfully.

3. No plastic

Plastic has become one of the main causes of environmental pollution. Bottles, plastic utensils, and bags have become a real curse for nature, polluting the oceans, causing the death of animals, and causing serious diseases in people, up to cancer and infertility. The entire civilized world is fighting plastic pollution. Maybe worth joining?

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4. Useful minimum

Perhaps in your interior, some things just collect dust? It’s time to maximize your options and reduce the number of items you use in any process. For example, even a reusable microfiber cloth will prevent unnecessary waste and replace disposable cleaning wipes.

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5. Natural scents

 Houseplants, which are all the rage these days, are a great way to purify the air, and they also provide natural and relaxing scents.

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